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Moscow terrorist attack: 115 dead as gunmen open fire, throw bombs at concert hall near Moscow | Watch

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- March 23rd 2024 06:55 AM
Moscow terrorist attack: 115 dead as gunmen open fire, throw bombs at concert hall near Moscow | Watch

Moscow terrorist attack: 115 dead as gunmen open fire, throw bombs at concert hall near Moscow | Watch

Moscow attack: In a shocking turn of events, tragedy struck Moscow as at least 115 persons were killed and more than 145 injured after gunmen opened fire at them in a Moscow concert hall.

The incident took place late Friday evening, where a group of armed assailants clad in combat fatigues unleashed chaos at the Crocus City Hall, situated on the western outskirts of Moscow. The assailants, identified as terrorists by the Russian authorities, resorted to gunfire and explosives, plunging the venue into a state of pandemonium.

According to reports from BBC and Reuters, the assailants' actions triggered a massive fire within Crocus City Hall, with disturbing images of billowing black smoke engulfing the structure circulating on social media platforms. Amidst the chaos, the Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, amplifying the sense of dread and outrage across the globe.

Following a high-speed pursuit in Russia's Bryansk region, the authorities have arrested 11 persons, including the four gunmen directly responsible for the deadly attack. The Russian security agency said these assailants, who had links in Ukraine, were en route to the border. According to the FSB, the perpetrators aimed to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border after executing the terrorist attack and had established connections on the Ukrainian side.

The attack stands as one of the deadliest in recent Russian history. President Vladimir Putin, recently re-elected for a new six-year term, was promptly briefed on the unfolding situation, with the Kremlin closely monitoring the situation and coordinating response efforts.

Eyewitness accounts paint a grim picture of the attack, detailing how the terrorists stormed into the concert hall during a performance by the renowned Russian rock band, Picnic. With the venue capable of accommodating over 6,000 persons, the attack targeted a sizable crowd, leading to scenes of panic and terror among attendees. Reports indicate that while many managed to flee, a significant number remained trapped within the fire, struggling to escape the relentless onslaught.

The swift response of security forces was witnessed as special units mobilised to neutralise the assailants believed to have barricaded themselves within the besieged venue. However, despite initial efforts, the Islamic State claimed that the terrorists had safely retreated to their hideouts, further complicating the situation and prolonging the ordeal for the authorities and civilians alike.

The intensity of the attack was captured in numerous videos circulating on social media, showcasing the sheer horror and chaos unfolding within the concert hall. Scenes of armed men traversing the premises, coupled with the sound of gunfire and pleas for help, underscored the gravity of the situation. The arrival of 70 ambulances and riot police units attested to the scale of the emergency response, as efforts to evacuate and assist the wounded continued amidst the turmoil.

Several leaders and officials have voiced their condemnation and solidarity with the victims. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin expressed profound sorrow, terming the attack as a "huge tragedy," while Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova denounced it as a "bloody terrorist attack," urging the global community to unite against such atrocities.

US' reaction

Meanwhile, beyond Russia's borders, the United States reacted with shock and sympathy to the unfolding crisis. White House National Security Advisor John Kirby conveyed condolences to the victims and their families, acknowledging the profound impact of the tragedy. The US embassy in Russia's prior warning of a potential terrorist attack, coupled with recent thwarted attempts by Russian security forces, underscores the pervasive threat posed by extremism and underscores the need for continued vigilance and international cooperation in combating terrorism.



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