Tragic mid-flight death: 63-year-old man dies aboard Lufthansa flight

During flight, he began gushing out litres of blood from his mouth and nose, causing panic among passengers | Despite efforts, he could not be saved

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PTC Web Desk: A 63-year-old German man died mid-flight on a Lufthansa plane from Thailand to Germany after experiencing a severe medical condition. Witnesses reported that the man, who appeared visibly ill while boarding in Bangkok, exhibited symptoms such as cold sweats and rapid breathing. During the flight, he began gushing out litres of blood from his mouth and nose, causing panic among passengers. Despite efforts by fellow passengers and flight attendants, including CPR attempts for about half an hour, the man could not be saved.


The plane, en route to Munich, turned back to Thailand, and the man's body was placed in the gallery of the aircraft. The wife of the deceased had to go through customs alone upon landing, adding to the distressing situation. Witnesses expressed regret for not intervening more actively, and some questioned why the flight took off given the severity of the man's condition.

Lufthansa confirmed the incident, stating that despite immediate first aid efforts, the passenger died during the flight. The airline expressed condolences to the deceased's family and regret for any inconvenience caused to other passengers. The flight eventually departed for Germany after a delay, with passengers reporting a lack of guidance

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