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UK Election Results 2024 | Labour Party sweeps UK polls; Keir Starmer becomes UK’s PM

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UK Election Results 2024 | Labour Party sweeps UK polls; Keir Starmer becomes UK’s PM

UK Election Results 2024 | Labour Party sweeps UK polls; Keir Starmer becomes UK’s PM

UK Election Results 2024 | The United Kingdom made a significant political shift as the Keir Starmer-led Labour Party registered a landslide victory in UK Elections. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has conceded defeat, paving the way for Keir Starmer, the Labour Party's candidate for PM. 

As Keir Starmer entered Downing Street for the first time as prime minister of the United Kingdom on Friday, Keir Starmer pledged swift action to turn around the nation's fortunes.

In Thursday's general election, the head of the Labour party led the party to a resounding win, bringing an end to the 14 years of Rishi Sunak's Conservative hegemony."The work of change begins immediately," Starmer declared to reporters outside Downing Street, having granted the request of King Charles III, the head of state, allowing him to form a government.

"But have no doubt, we will rebuild Britain," he said. 61-year-old Starmer, a former top state prosecutor and human rights attorney, paid respect to Sunak, who took over as prime minister and head of the Tory Party in October 2022 following Liz Truss' dismal term.

"His achievement as the first British-Asian prime minister of our country, the extra effort that that will have required, should not be underestimated by anyone," he stated.

"We honour that here today. We also acknowledge the commitment and diligence he made to his leadership," he continued. Labour supporters waving flags gathered at the approach to Downing Street to greet Starmer and his wife Victoria as they arrived from Buckingham Palace, exchanging high fives and handshakes with campaigners.

Noting that Britons have grown weary of collapsing public services, rising costs, and hollow promises from politicians, Starmer faces an overwhelming to-do list.

He declared that his administration would prioritise "country first, party second" and that it would bring back "respect for politics" following a string of scandals under the Tories that damaged public confidence. However, he tried to temper irrationally high hopes for an instantaneous transformation. "Changing a country is not like flicking a switch," he stated. "The globe is a more unstable place these days. It will require some time. However, be assured that the process of change starts right now."

Who is Keir Starmer? 

Born on September 2, 1962, Keir Rodney Starmer was raised in a cramped house on the outskirts of London by a seriously ill mother and an emotionally distant father.

He was named after Keir Hardie, the Labour Party's first leader. Raised in a working-class family, he often highlights his parents’ occupations as a toolmaker and nurse. 61-year-old Sir Keir Starmer, the next prime minister of Britain is credited for reversing the Labour Party's fortunes after a dismal performance in the 2019 general election .

He was first elected as a member of Parliament from London in 2015. He is a former human rights lawyer and public prosecutor. He has two children. His wife, Victoria, is an employee of the National Health Service (NHS). 

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Rishi Sunak concedes defeat 

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, candidate for the Conservative Party in the country's snap polls on Friday conceded defeat and declared that the "Labour Party has won" the general election. 

 "The Labour Party has won this general election," Sunak said, adding that he called up Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory.

 "The British people have delivered a sobering verdict tonight," Sunak said from his constituency of Richmond and Northallerton in northern England which he won.

Conceding the Labour Party's win, Sunak apologised and said that he feels responsible for the loss.

"I take responsibility for the loss to the many good, hard-working, conservative candidates who lost tonight despite their tireless efforts, their local records of delivery and their dedication to their communities, I am sorry," Sunak said.

"Today power will change hands in an orderly and peaceful manner, with goodwill on all sides" he said.

He was UK's first Indian-origin Prime Minister.

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