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Gunmen on motorcycle fire shots outside Salman Khan's Mumbai residence, security heightened

Early on Sunday, outside the residence of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, two individuals on a motorcycle discharged multiple rounds of gunfire. Subsequently, security measures were heightened in response to the incident.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 14th 2024 09:08 AM -- Updated: April 14th 2024 09:39 AM
Gunmen on motorcycle fire shots outside Salman Khan's Mumbai residence, security heightened

Gunmen on motorcycle fire shots outside Salman Khan's Mumbai residence, security heightened

PTC News Desk: Gunshots rang out in the early hours of Sunday outside the residence of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in Mumbai, as two assailants on a motorcycle unleashed a barrage of gunfire before swiftly fleeing the scene. The incident prompted heightened security measures in the vicinity.

Two unidentified individuals on a motorcycle fired three rounds outside Salman Khan's residence in Mumbai's Bandra area at approximately 4:51 am, before discharging another four rounds near Galaxy Apartments, the actor's residence, and making their escape.

Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries reported in the attack. In response to the alarming incident, security around Salman Khan's residence was immediately bolstered.

Law enforcement agencies, including the crime branch, local police, and forensic teams, swiftly launched an investigation into the matter, combing the area for clues.

The attack comes amidst persistent threats to Salman Khan's life, purportedly issued by notorious gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar. Both gangsters have reportedly dispatched hitmen to Mumbai with intentions to harm the actor. In 2018, an aide of Lawrence Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra, conducted reconnaissance of Salman Khan's residence, but was apprehended by Haryana Police before he could execute the plot. Nehra subsequently disclosed details of the planned attack during interrogation.

Given the looming danger posed by the criminal syndicates, Mumbai Police have implemented stringent security measures, deploying officers in rotating shifts to safeguard Salman Khan's residence.

In response to the persistent threats, Salman Khan has been equipped with weapons by trained security personnel for his protection. Additionally, he has been granted a personal weapon license, allowing him to carry a firearm for self-defense. The gravity of the situation was underscored last year when Salman Khan purportedly received a death threat via email from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

In November, Mumbai Police conducted a security assessment following an indirect threat made against Salman Khan on Facebook, allegedly by an account associated with Lawrence Bishnoi, featuring the gangster's image as its profile picture.

Lawrence Bishnoi is presently incarcerated in connection with a drug smuggling case under investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). In a previous interview with media outlets, Goldie Brar openly declared Salman Khan as a prime target, affirming intentions to orchestrate an attack in collaboration with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

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