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Bengaluru cab driver brutally attacks girlfriend after marriage proposal rejection

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 01st 2024 04:19 PM
Bengaluru cab driver brutally attacks girlfriend after marriage proposal rejection

Bengaluru cab driver brutally attacks girlfriend after marriage proposal rejection

PTC News Desk: In a shocking turn of events, a 35-year-old cab driver from Bengaluru unleashed a vicious attack on his girlfriend, repeatedly stabbing her in public after she declined his marriage proposal. The perpetrator, identified as Girish, also known as Rehan, brazenly walked into a local police station post-assault, admitting to his heinous crime.

The disturbing incident unfolded on a Saturday evening within the confines of Bengaluru's Shalini Ground area, leaving bystanders shaken and authorities scrambling to comprehend the brutality of the act.

Girish, a resident of Bengaluru's Jayanagar, found himself in a volatile situation with his 42-year-old girlfriend, Farida Khatun, a West Bengal native employed at a spa in the city. The two individuals, hailing from different backgrounds, were embroiled in a tumultuous relationship fraught with complexities.

According to law enforcement officials, Girish's journey into Islam in 2011, motivated by familial concerns surrounding his sister's marriage prospects, added layers of intricacy to his persona. However, despite reverting to his birth name, Girish, he continued to uphold certain Islamic practices, adding a dimension to his identity crisis.


Farida's recent return from West Bengal with her daughters on March 26, just ahead of Girish's birthday on March 29, seemed to mark a crucial juncture in their tumultuous relationship. Her intention to celebrate Girish's birthday together, coupled with the quest to find a suitable college for one of her daughters, hinted at a desire for reconciliation.

Tragically, the fateful evening took a dire turn when Girish, amidst a seemingly routine outing with Farida and her daughters for shopping and lunch, decided to spring his marriage proposal. When Farida, presumably taken aback by the suddenness and perhaps the inappropriateness of the proposition, rebuffed Girish's advances, it triggered an eruption of violence.

In a fit of unbridled rage, Girish unleashed a frenzied attack on Farida, plunging a knife into her repeatedly, heedless of the horrified onlookers or the consequences of his actions. The frenetic assault culminated in a grisly scene, with Farida succumbing to her injuries, sprawled on the steps of Shalini Ground, her life snuffed out by Girish's unchecked fury.

The swift response of law enforcement, prompted by a distress call received via the '112' helpline around 8:30 pm on that ill-fated evening, led to the grim discovery of Farida's lifeless body, bearing the unmistakable marks of violence. With the evidence glaring, authorities wasted no time in initiating legal proceedings, charging Girish under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code for his heinous act.

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DCP (South) Shivaprakash Devaraju, at the helm of the investigation, shed light on the grim realities surrounding Girish and Farida's tumultuous relationship. Their decade-long association, marred by Girish's persistent pleas for marriage met with Farida's steadfast refusals, underscored a volatile dynamic fraught with unresolved tensions.

As authorities delve deeper into the circumstances leading up to the gruesome act, statements from witnesses, including a fruit vendor and other individuals present at the scene, are being meticulously recorded. Moreover, investigations are underway to ascertain if ulterior motives or hidden agendas contributed to the fatal altercation, shattering the semblance of normalcy within Bengaluru's tranquil neighborhoods.

The tragic saga of Girish and Farida serves as a grim reminder of the fragility of human relationships and the perilous consequences of unchecked emotions. As the wheels of justice grind inexorably forward, the echoes of Farida's untimely demise reverberate through the streets of Bengaluru, a stark testament to the devastating ramifications of unchecked violence and misplaced passions.

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