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Electoral bond concerns not a setback, room for improvement exists: PM Modi

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 01st 2024 09:25 AM
Electoral bond concerns not a setback, room for improvement exists: PM Modi

Electoral bond concerns not a setback, room for improvement exists: PM Modi

PTC News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed concerns regarding the electoral bond system, emphasising its role in revealing sources of funding and beneficiaries while acknowledging room for improvement. Speaking in an interview with Thanthi TV, he dismissed the notion that the electoral bond issue has setback his government, suggesting that criticisms will be regretted by those making them.

Modi highlighted the significance of the electoral bond system, attributing its implementation to his government's efforts in enhancing transparency in political funding. He emphasised that the existence of a funding trail today owes itself to the introduction of electoral bonds, contrasting it with the lack of clarity on funding sources before 2014.

Acknowledging imperfections in any system, Modi expressed openness to addressing shortcomings. Opposition parties have seized upon recent revelations surrounding electoral bonds, leveraging Supreme Court orders to expose anonymous funding practices and allege unconstitutionality. Despite these challenges, Modi maintained his focus on national development, asserting that political motives do not dictate his actions.

In a broader context, Modi underscored his commitment to nationwide progress, citing his government's endeavours in states like the northeast as evidence of his non-partisan approach to governance. He emphasised the potential of Tamil Nadu, highlighting its strength as a vital component of India's development narrative.

Addressing political dynamics, Modi stressed the inclusive nature of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), positioning it as a representative of diverse societal aspirations. Refuting claims of anti-DMK sentiment, Modi asserted that votes for the BJP in Tamil Nadu signify support for the NDA's inclusive agenda.

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Commending the efforts of Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai in engaging the youth, Modi rebutted accusations of opportunism, citing Annamalai's commitment to the BJP's principles over alternative political affiliations. He reiterated his vision of a "Viksit Bharat" (Developed India), envisioning Tamil Nadu as a catalyst for national progress.

Modi lamented the politicisation of the Tamil language, advocating for its promotion alongside the globalisation of Tamil cuisine. He criticised the detrimental effects of language politicisation on Tamil Nadu and the broader national fabric, emphasising the need for linguistic inclusivity and cultural preservation.

In conclusion, Modi's remarks underscored his confidence in the electoral bond system's role in enhancing transparency while acknowledging the imperative for continuous improvement. He reiterated his commitment to national development and inclusivity, positioning Tamil Nadu as a pivotal actor in India's journey towards progress.

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