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Chief Justice Chandrachud faces online backlash over seating adjustment

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 24th 2024 09:00 AM
Chief Justice Chandrachud faces online backlash over seating adjustment

Chief Justice Chandrachud faces online backlash over seating adjustment

PTC News Desk: In a recent revelation at the 21st Biennial State Level Conference of Judicial Officers, Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud shed light on a disconcerting incident where he fell victim to online trolling and abuse. The episode stemmed from a misrepresented video of a live court stream, distorting a simple and innocent action he made during a court hearing.

CJI Chandrachud narrated the incident where the manipulated video suggested his abrupt departure from the court while a counsel was presenting arguments. However, the truth was far from what the footage portrayed. He clarified that during the hearing, he merely adjusted his position in the chair due to a minor discomfort in his back. "Just four or five days ago when I was hearing a case, I had a little pain in back, so all that I did was I placed my elbows in my armchair in the court and I just shifted my position in the chair," he explained.

Despite the innocuous nature of his action, the misrepresented video triggered a wave of vicious trolling and online abuse directed towards him. CJI Chandrachud expressed his dismay over the ordeal, stating, "What they didn't tell you was that all he did was only to shift his position in the chair. 24 years of judging can be a little strenuous which I have put in. I didn't leave the court. I only shifted my position but I was subject to vicious abuse, trolling, the knives were out but I do believe that our shoulders are broad enough and the ultimate confidence that we have is of common citizens in the work which we do."

His remarks underscored the resilience required in the face of such unwarranted criticism and the enduring confidence placed by the public in the judiciary's work.

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Chief Justice Chandrachud further emphasised the importance of judicial officers maintaining a healthy work-life balance and effectively managing stress. Drawing parallels with the medical profession, he highlighted the interconnectedness of stress management with the delivery of justice. "The ability to manage stress and achieve work-life balance is not separate from but rather intertwined with delivering justice completely. We often tell physicians and surgeons, 'heal thyself'. Before you heal others, you must learn how to heal yourself. The same is true about judges as well," he remarked.

In recounting this incident, CJI Chandrachud not only shed light on the challenges faced by judicial officers in the digital age but also underscored the imperative of resilience and self-care in upholding the integrity of the judiciary.

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