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India strongly objects to Germany's interference in the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 23rd 2024 04:14 PM -- Updated: March 23rd 2024 05:15 PM
India strongly objects to Germany's interference in the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal

India strongly objects to Germany's interference in the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal

PTC News Desk: India has voiced its strong objection to what it perceives as Germany's unwarranted intervention in the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The External Affairs Ministry summoned a senior diplomat from the German Embassy to express its protest over comments made by Germany's foreign affairs spokesperson regarding Kejriwal's arrest.

In a statement issued by Germany's foreign ministry, it expressed its hope that the principles of judicial independence and basic democratic norms would be upheld in Kejriwal's case. The spokesperson emphasised Kejriwal's right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence, asserting that he should be allowed to utilise all available legal avenues without any restrictions.

India swiftly reacted to these comments, summoning Georg Enzweiler, the Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy, to register a strong protest against what it deemed as interference in its internal affairs. The Indian government emphasised that such remarks undermine the independence of its judiciary and constitute an unjustified intrusion into its judicial process. India reaffirmed its commitment to democracy and the rule of law, asserting that legal proceedings in Kejriwal's case would proceed impartially and transparently.

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Arvind Kejriwal's arrest by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with a money laundering case related to the Delhi government's excise policy for 2021-22 has stirred controversy. The arrest followed a refusal by the Delhi High Court to grant Kejriwal protection from coercive action by the central probe agency. The case revolves around allegations of corruption and money laundering in the formulation and implementation of Delhi's excise policy, which was subsequently annulled.

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