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Increased toll charges at Punjab and Haryana toll plazas effective April 1

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 31st 2024 01:52 PM
Increased toll charges at Punjab and Haryana toll plazas effective April 1

Increased toll charges at Punjab and Haryana toll plazas effective April 1

PTC News Desk: Commuters traversing highways in Punjab and Haryana will soon face higher toll charges as the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) revises user fees at toll plazas in these states, effective April 1. The adjustment in toll rates comes amidst ongoing infrastructure development projects on the highways aimed at enhancing travel convenience for commuters.

Notably, toll rates at four plazas under the NHAI's project implementation unit in Ambala, including Gharaunda toll plaza in Karnal, Ghaggar plaza in Ambala, Thana plaza in Kurukshetra, and Saini Majra plaza in Ambala, will see a hike of Rs 5 for light vehicles on single journeys.

For instance, at Gharaunda toll plaza, toll rates for car/jeep/van will increase to Rs 185 from Rs 180, representing a 2.8 per cent rise, while rates for light motor vehicles (LMV) or minibusses will go up to Rs 300 from Rs 295, reflecting a 1.7 per cent increase. Similarly, at Ghaggar plaza, toll rates for cars, LMVs, and buses/trucks will witness slight increments as well.

Ladowal Toll Plaza

Although these revised rates are set to be enforced from April 1, toll collection operations at Ghaggar plaza have been suspended due to ongoing farmer protests on the Haryana-Punjab border since February 13. While NHAI justifies the toll hike citing regulations from 2008 and ongoing construction endeavours, commuters express discontentment with the decision. Many argue that the quality of roads does not commensurate with the increased toll charges.

A resident of Karnal, voices concerns about the exorbitant toll rates at Gharaunda plaza, especially considering the poor road conditions. Similarly, Dinesh (name changed), a car dealer in Kurukshetra, highlights the detrimental impact of road maintenance issues on vehicles and questions the rationale behind toll hikes amid subpar road conditions.

In Punjab, toll plaza rates are slated to increase by 2-5 per cent, with the Ladhowal toll plaza witnessing notable adjustments in fees across vehicle categories.

With toll charges escalating and concerns regarding road conditions persisting, commuters brace themselves for the financial implications and endure the ongoing discourse surrounding toll policy adjustments.

Ladhowal plaza.jpg

Toll rates to surge at Ladhowal plaza starting tomorrow

Starting April 1, commuters traveling from Phillaur to Ludhiana in their own vehicles will face escalated toll charges as the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) announces a toll tax hike at the Ladhowal toll plaza. Situated along the banks of the Sutlej between Phillaur and Ludhiana, the toll plaza will witness an increase in rates.

Deepender Kumar, the manager of Ladhowal toll plaza, confirmed that car owners will now be required to pay Rs 220 for a single journey and Rs 330 for multiple journeys, covering a mere 12 km distance from Phillaur to Ludhiana. Light vehicle owners will also be subject to higher toll charges, with Rs 355 for a single journey and Rs 535 for multiple journeys.

Bus and truck drivers are slated to incur increased costs as well, with Rs 745 for a single journey and Rs 1,120 for multiple journeys. Heavier vehicles will face toll rates of Rs 1,170 for a single journey and Rs 1,755 for multiple journeys. Emphasising that the toll hikes were essential, Kumar clarified that these adjustments are part of an annual exercise. Additionally, a monthly pass option is introduced for vehicle owners residing within a 20 km radius, available at Rs 340 per month.

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