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Mukhtar Ansari's autopsy shows heart 'yellow area'; brother promises 'poison' proof: 10 points

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 31st 2024 09:43 AM
Mukhtar Ansari's autopsy shows heart 'yellow area'; brother promises 'poison' proof: 10 points

Mukhtar Ansari's autopsy shows heart 'yellow area'; brother promises 'poison' proof: 10 points

PTC News Desk: On Saturday, Mukhtar Ansari, who transitioned from a gangster to a politician, was buried in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. While the postmortem report attributes his death to a heart attack, Ansari's family asserts that he was covertly assassinated through the administration of a 'slow poison'.

1. Cause of Death: Gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari was laid to rest in Uttar Pradesh's Ghazipur on Saturday following his death. The postmortem report indicated that he succumbed to a heart attack. However, Ansari's family asserts that foul play involving 'slow poison' led to his demise.

2. Autopsy Findings: A team of five doctors conducting the post-mortem identified a "yellow area" in Ansari's heart, suggesting potential clotting issues. The post-mortem results indicated the presence of blood clotting, with a specific portion measuring 1.9 x 1.5 cm appearing yellow, as reported by sources.

3. Pre-existing Conditions: Jail records indicate that Ansari had been grappling with heart disease and various other health ailments, including depression, skin allergies, and diabetes.

4. Incident at Banda Jail: Ansari, a convicted murderer, was discovered unconscious in his high-security cell at Banda jail. He was swiftly transported to Rani Durgawati Medical College, where he later passed away.

5. Allegations of Poisoning: Ansari's lawyer lodged a complaint in the Barabanki court asserting that Ansari was poisoned on March 19, prior to his demise.

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6. Family's Assertion: Despite the autopsy findings, Ansari's family remains steadfast in their belief that foul play was involved in his death. His brother, Afzal Ansari, adamantly claims that Mukhtar Ansari was murdered.

7. Claims of Poisoning: Afzal Ansari alleges that Mukhtar Ansari conveyed to him during a brief meeting that he had been poisoned, resulting in his loss of consciousness. The family vows to present compelling evidence to support their claim.

8. Hospital Proceedings: Ansari was admitted to the hospital around 8:25 pm on Thursday, where a team of nine doctors attended to him before his passing, as per the official hospital statement.

9. Judicial Investigation: A three-member team has been appointed to conduct a magisterial inquiry into Ansari's death. The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Banda issued orders to initiate the judicial probe.

10. Legal History: Last year, Mukhtar Ansari was convicted and sentenced to a decade in prison for the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai. Additionally, on March 13, 2024, he received a life sentence for a case involving the use of forged documents to obtain an arms license in 1990.

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