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Lucknow man murders wife and children, dwells with their bodies for three days

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 01st 2024 10:54 AM
Lucknow man murders wife and children, dwells with their bodies for three days

Lucknow man murders wife and children, dwells with their bodies for three days

PTC News Desk: In a harrowing incident in Lucknow, a 32-year-old man named Ram Lagan allegedly killed his wife and two children, maintaining a grim vigil beside their lifeless bodies for three days until the stench of decay raised suspicion. The tragic event unfolded in the Saravan Nagar area of Lucknow's Bijnor locality.

The grim tale began with Ram Lagan's suspicion that his wife, Jyoti, aged 30, was engaged in an extramarital affair. Overwhelmed by jealousy, he reportedly strangled her with her dupatta in the presence of their children. Following this horrendous act, he proceeded to eliminate his two children, Payal aged 6, and Anand aged 3, apparently to prevent them from revealing the truth to authorities.

TS Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), revealed, "Ram Lagan was married for seven years. He suspected that his wife was in an illicit relationship and used to spy on her when she spoke on the phone. This often led to arguments between them. They had an argument on March 28 night as well, after which he killed her and the children."

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After committing the triple murder, Ram Lagan remained unperturbed, spending the subsequent nights in the same room alongside the deceased bodies. He ventured out during the day but returned under the shroud of nightfall.

The macabre scenario continued unabated until the fetid odor emanating from the house aroused the suspicion of the landlord. Upon investigating, the landlord discovered the grisly sight of three bodies stuffed inside a sack, prompting immediate police intervention.

It's reported that Ram Lagan, unable to dispose of the bodies in the crowded locality, concocted a false story for his neighbors, claiming that his family had left to celebrate Holi at a relative's house. However, his deceit was short-lived as authorities swiftly took him into custody upon discovering the truth. Ram Lagan has since confessed to the heinous crime, and the bodies have been sent for post-mortem analysis, marking a tragic end to a tale of domestic discord turned deadly.

Further investigation is on.

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