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Mukhtar Ansari dies: The transformation from freedom fighter's grandson to criminal; an intriguing journey

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 29th 2024 08:34 AM
Mukhtar Ansari dies: The transformation from freedom fighter's grandson to criminal; an intriguing journey

Mukhtar Ansari dies: The transformation from freedom fighter's grandson to criminal; an intriguing journey

PTC News Desk: Mukhtar Ansari, the notorious gangster-turned-politician, passed away at the age of 60 in Uttar Pradesh's Banda after suffering a cardiac arrest. The demise of this controversial figure has sparked discussions about his journey from a family with deep roots in India's freedom struggle to his involvement in criminal activities.

Ansari, who was serving time in Banda district jail, reportedly experienced a deteriorating health condition after breaking his fast during Ramzan. Despite being rushed to a medical college for treatment, he could not be revived.

Hailing from Yusufpur, Uttar Pradesh, Mukhtar Ansari's lineage boasted a legacy of contributions to India's independence movement and subsequent political landscape. His paternal grandfather, Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, held esteemed positions in the Indian National Congress, including the presidency in 1927. Moreover, he served as the Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia until his demise in 1936, having distanced himself from the Muslim League due to its separatist agenda.

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On the maternal side, Ansari's lineage further exemplified valor and sacrifice. Brigadier Mohammad Usman, his maternal grandfather, was a decorated officer in the Indian Army who met his end while defending the nation during a conflict with Pakistan in 1948. Usman's bravery earned him the posthumous honor of the Maha Vir Chakra.

Despite this illustrious heritage, Mukhtar Ansari's life took a dark turn as he ventured into the underworld, accumulating over 60 criminal cases against him. His transition from a family associated with patriotism and service to one marked by criminality and controversy remains a subject of intrigue and scrutiny.

From heritage to infamy: Mukhtar Ansari's journey into crime

The story of Mukhtar Ansari's descent into a life of crime stands in stark contrast to his family's illustrious legacy. Born into a lineage deeply entrenched in India's struggle for independence and post-independence political landscape, Ansari's path took a sharp deviation towards criminality, particularly during the tumultuous era of the 1980s in Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh.

Amidst the lawlessness that prevailed in Purvanchal, characterized by the dominance of criminal gangs competing for government contracts, Ansari emerged as a prominent figure. His swift ascent through the ranks of the underworld earned him a reputation synonymous with terror across the state. Engaging in a plethora of criminal activities ranging from murder, attempted murder, armed riots, to fraud, Ansari found himself entangled in a web of criminal charges that eventually led to his conviction on numerous counts.

Ansari's criminal trajectory took a definitive turn with his involvement in the murder of Sachchidanand Rai in 1988, stemming from a land dispute in Ghazipur. This incident marked the inception of a long and dark journey marred by gang wars, notably against rival mafia figure Brijesh Singh, and allegations implicating him in various high-profile murders. Among these were the killings of Kapil Dev Singh in April 2009, contractor Ajay Prakash Singh in August 2009, and Ram Singh Maurya.

This period of Ansari's life was characterized by violent confrontations and deadly ambushes, epitomized by a brazen attack on his convoy in 2002. The ambush resulted in the deaths of three of Ansari's associates and exacerbated tensions, triggering further bloodshed in the region.

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Navigating political waters amidst criminal allegations

Despite his tainted reputation, Mukhtar Ansari ventured into the realm of politics, leveraging his influence to clinch a seat as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Mau constituency on five occasions, commencing in 1996.

Ansari's political journey was marked by a dual narrative. While some hailed him as a modern-day Robin Hood, championing the cause of the underprivileged, others scrutinized him through the lens of his criminal past.

His stint in politics saw affiliations with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), where he garnered support by positioning himself as a savior for the downtrodden. Subsequently, he formed the Quami Ekta Dal (QED) alongside his brothers after being expelled from the BSP.

However, Mukhtar Ansari's tenure in politics was overshadowed by accusations of instigating communal unrest and exploiting religious sentiments for personal gain. Despite his incarceration, Ansari continued to cast a significant influence over the political landscape of eastern Uttar Pradesh. His family members, notably his son Abbas Ansari, carried forward his political legacy, ensuring that his presence reverberated through the corridors of power.

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