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PM Modi applauds Zomato CEO: 'Surname irrelevant in modern India'

In a tribute to Deepinder Goyal, Prime Minister Modi stated that accomplishments are not restricted by last names and that the achievements of the CEO of Zomato have inspired several budding business owners.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 22nd 2024 10:26 AM
PM Modi applauds Zomato CEO: 'Surname irrelevant in modern India'

PM Modi applauds Zomato CEO: 'Surname irrelevant in modern India'

PTC News Desk: On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that one's surname is meaningless in modern India, a jab at Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal. The Prime Minister's tweet was a reaction to a Goyal video that went viral, in which he described his company experience and the early doubts he encountered.

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri recently hosted an event where Deepinder Goyal gave a very intimate story of how Zomato got its start. His address was recorded, and the video became viral on social media very fast.

In the video, Goyal reflected on the 2008 debut of Zomato, which happened sixteen years ago. His father's first response was one of uncertainty and worry. "Janta hai tera baap kaun hai?" (which means "Do you know who your father is?") was the question Goyal's father had asked him, suggesting that given their modest upbringing, starting a business seemed unlikely.

Being a Punjabi guy from a small village, Goyal had to deal with the widespread belief that he wouldn't be able to make it big in the startup industry. His ears were filled with his father's remarks. "When I told my dad about starting Zomato, he said, 'Janta hai tera baap kaun hai?' which basically meant 'You can’t do a startup'," he added.

"But it was this government and their initiatives enabled a small town boy like me to build something like Zomato, which employs lakhs of people today!" he stated.

PM Modi retweeted the video and stated that Goyal's accomplishments served as an inspiration to many ambitious business owners, proving that success is not restricted by last names.

"In modern India, a person's last name is irrelevant. Hard work is what counts. Deepinder Goyal, your path is extremely inspirational! It inspires a great deal of young people to follow their ambitions of becoming entrepreneurs. PM Modi stated, "We are dedicated to creating the ideal atmosphere for entrepreneurs to thrive.

When Deepinder Goyal founded Zomato in 2008, the company was initially a restaurant listing and rating platform, but it swiftly expanded into a massive meal delivery business. He was in charge of Zomato's growth into more than 1000 Indian cities.

Goyal, an IIT Delhi alum, most recently made an appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2 as a shark. His union with Grecia Munoz, a former model and businesswoman, has also garnered media attention.

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