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BJP's Manjinder Sirsa alleges AAP ministers accessing CM office sans permission

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 26th 2024 01:00 PM
BJP's Manjinder Sirsa alleges AAP ministers accessing CM office sans permission

BJP's Manjinder Sirsa alleges AAP ministers accessing CM office sans permission

PTC News Desk: The arrest of Arvind Kejriwal just weeks before the general elections has sparked protests from his party members and opposition figures, including the Congress and Trinamool. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, a senior leader from the BJP, has lodged a complaint with Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena and the Enforcement Directorate regarding the 'orders' reportedly issued by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal is currently under the custody of the probe agency following his arrest in connection with an alleged liquor policy scandal last week.

Sirsa has alleged that the "fabricated official order on the Delhi government's letterhead... lacks a number, date, and signature, indicating unauthorised use of power."

"I have filed complaints with the Lieutenant Governor and the Enforcement Directorate against Atishiji (Delhi's Education and Public Works Department Minister) and others for displaying an illegal order in the name of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. They claimed the order was issued by the Chief Minister while in jail...while in the custody of the ED," stated Mr. Sirsa in a video statement.

"This is completely illegal and unconstitutional...and a criminal conspiracy against the people of Delhi and the office of the Chief Minister. Kejriwalji is in ED custody and lacks the legal capacity to issue such directives without court permission, which has not been granted," he continued.

"We demand an inquiry... who is misusing Chief Minister's Office and for what personal gain?" he said on X (formerly Twitter).

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also raised questions about the authenticity of an order allegedly issued by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal from his detention to address water and sewage issues in the city. In a letter to Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena, BJP National Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa pointed out that the letter, claimed to be a directive by the Delhi CM, lacked Kejriwal's signature, suggesting it was 'forged'.

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"The purported Office Order shockingly does not even carry the Officer Order Number, date of issue, and even the signature of Arvind Kejariwal is absent, indicating that Ms. Atishi has unauthorisedly and illegally misused and abused her official capacity as a Minister for unauthorisedly accessing and using the "Official Letter-head" of the "Office of the Chief Minister, Government of NCT Delhi" for fabricating an "Officer Order"," said Sirsa.

Sirsa emphasised that Arvind Kejariwal cannot issue any such order without prior permission from the Court by seeking a change in the terms and conditions of the "remand order," which has not been granted. He urged the Delhi LG to take necessary actions for the registration of FIR against the "fabrication and forgery of the official records by the unconstitutional use of the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi."

Kejriwal issues directives from jail

Arvind Kejriwal, currently in ED custody, has reportedly issued directives, according to his party. Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj shared the latest instruction, focusing on providing free medicines and path tests at government clinics in Delhi. Kejriwal's first directive, conveyed on Monday through Atishi, addressed water supply and sewerage issues in certain areas of the capital.

Atishi, visibly emotional, conveyed Kejriwal's concern that people should not suffer due to his incarceration. Criticism from the BJP ensued, labeling both directives as "scripted".

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Why was Delhi Chief Minister arrested?

Arvind Kejriwal is currently detained by the Enforcement Directorate until March 28. His arrest is linked to the alleged liquor policy scandal, which has stirred controversy within his party ahead of the elections.

The ED alleges that the policy, now revoked, facilitated exorbitant profit margins, with retailers reportedly enjoying nearly 185 percent profit and wholesalers gaining 12 per cent. A portion of the latter's profits, amounting to over Rs 600 crore, purportedly financed electoral campaigns in Goa and Punjab.

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