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Anand Marriage Act will be implemented in Punjab: CM Bhagwant Mann

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- November 08th 2022 07:40 PM
Anand Marriage Act will be implemented in Punjab: CM Bhagwant Mann

Anand Marriage Act will be implemented in Punjab: CM Bhagwant Mann

Chandigarh, November 8 : Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on the occasion of Parkash Purab (Guru Nanak Jayanti) on Tuesday paid obeisance at Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib and announced that Anand Marriage Act, 2016, enacted for Sikhs to register their marriages with marriage registrar, would be implemented in the state.

The Anand Marriage Act was notified in 2016 but has not been implemented. Bhagwant Mann said that though several other states have already implemented this act but Punjab had lagged behind, adding that now this act will be implemented at the earliest.

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Mann, who reached Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib to pay obeisance here on the occasion of Gurpurb, said there was little-to-none awareness about the Act in Punjab.

The Chief Minister paid obeisance at Takht Sahib and prayed to almighty for the peace, progress and prosperity in the state. He also prayed that the ethos of communal harmony, peace and brotherhood are strengthened in the state with every passing day and Punjab leads the country in every sphere.

Extending his heartiest greetings to the people on the auspicious occasion of Prakash Purb, Bhagwant Mann said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was a great spiritual ambassador who guided humanity to attain salvation by spreading the cult of devotion to God. He said that Guru Ji's eternal teachings of 'Kirat Karo, Naam Japo and Vand Chako' are still relevant in today's materialistic society.

Punjab Chief Minister said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji envisioned a casteless society free from rituals, thereby redeeming the suffering humanity from the pangs of agony. He said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji motivated mankind with new ideas, aims, and aspirations and called upon it to dispense with the maladies of hypocrisy, falsehood, pretensions and caste-prejudices.

Bhagwant Mann appealed to the people to imbibe the spirit of service and humility as preached by the Great Guru and strive hard for carving out a peaceful, prosperous and healthy society by following the precious legacy of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

The Chief Minister urged people to celebrate this sacred occasion with utmost devotion and dedication rising above the parochial considerations of caste, colour, creed and religion.

He said that through 'udasis' Guru Nanak Dev ji, who is revered across the globe as Jagat Guru, preached communal harmony and brotherhood. "Guru Nanak Dev ji through his teachings opposed tyranny, injustice and oppression during the invasion of Mughal emperor Babar," the Punjab CM added.

Quoting verse 'Pawan Guru, Paani Pitaah, Mata Dharat Mahat' from Gurbani, the Chief Minister said that Guru ji have equated air (pawan) with teacher, water (paani) with father and land (dharat) with mother. Bhagwant Mann said that Guru ji had at that time taught the people to preserve environment when its pollution no where in scene. He said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was also a firm advocate of women empowerment and equal status for females in the society.

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Guru Nanak Jayanti, also known as Gurupurab, is a sacred festival that marks the birth of the first guru of Sikhism - Guru Nanak Dev. The auspicious occasion is observed on the full moon date of Kartik month or Kartik Purnima every year. 



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