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Should Punjab Celebrate Independence Day? Why? Has Punjab got anything since Independence?

Written by  PTC NEWS -- August 13th 2017 12:28 AM -- Updated: August 16th 2017 01:31 AM
Should Punjab Celebrate Independence Day? Why? Has Punjab got anything since Independence?

Should Punjab Celebrate Independence Day? Why? Has Punjab got anything since Independence?

Another Prime Minister of India will hoist the Tricolor at Red Fort on August 15. Vande Matram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai chants will resonate through the air. But for every Punjabi who lived through 1947, this is the image that remains forever etched in their mind - the death and destruction of near and dear ones, refugee camps, hunger, sudden poverty and struggle to survive in a hostile world. (Got, it still remains the same for Punjabis). I wonder why we call partition of India- it was partition of Punjab!! Punjab and Punjabis suffered, nobody else did. Our art, our culture, our heritage, our people got partitioned. And, has Punjab got its due by "choosing" to be with India? It never did. As if the wounds of partition were not enough, Punjab got further divided with Pakistan and then with the new states( and the demand still continues). The forced SYL issue is still burning and threatening to explode any day. Punjab has been the seat of all ancient wisdom - the most ancient piece of literature RIGVEDA was created here and so were Ramayana, Mahabharat and many other such great living stories including the BHAGWAT GEETA, to which almost the whole nation is being made to swear by. But alas, the land of wisdom is reduced to being dubbed as the land of drug addiction and farmer suicides. The land which fed the nation, today, sees at  least promises while the Centre has not even a promise to offer. A rare state which has no capital of its own. The state which got cheated right from 1947 till now. Can you name any central Government project to help the state after Bhakra dam? ( That too is controlled by the centre). When Punjabis demanded their rights, there were dubbed as terrorists and militants. Slowly but steadily the names and memories of those who fought for the so-called Indian nation like Kartar Singh Sarabha are being obliterated. Bhagat Singh is almost branded as a terrorist. They don't even find a mention in the nation's parliament when it pays tribute to the Quit India movement - without realising that the biggest protests under that movement happened in Punjab. The list of injustice done to Punjab is long and endless. But till today, Punjab has neither got justice nor its rightful Government - till date. This image of Red Fort refugee camp of displaced Punjabis, therefore, still haunts. Punjabis are increasingly taking refuge in other places and countries which recognise their spirit and passion. Countries like Canada have recognised the contribution of Punjabis. Road signs are in Gurmukhi in many parts of Canada. Their parliament unanimously apologised to Punjabis for Komagata Maru. Here, we still looking for justice for 1984!!. Baisakhi and Gurpurab are celebrated in Canadian Parliament every year. Many Punjabis now call Canada as their Homeland. Strangely, their own country is repeatedly choosing to keep Punjabis at bay and continues to deny Punjab its rights. But, The spirit of Punjabiyat survives. It has survived through Alexander, Nadir Shah, 1947, 1984 and it will survive.

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