Kiss Day 2024: Explore 7 kiss types & their meanings

In Valentine's Week 2024, Kiss Day offers a spectrum of kisses, ranging from romantic to non-romantic. Explore 7 distinct types of kisses and their significance.

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PTC News Desk: As Valentine's Week unfolds, leading up to the ultimate day of love, Valentine's Day on February 14, each day holds its own significance. Among these, Kiss Day, celebrated on February 13, stands as a cherished occasion where couples express their affection through the universal language of kisses. From romantic gestures to heartfelt embraces, here are seven distinct types of kisses and the emotions they convey:


1. The Forehead Kiss: A tender and affectionate gesture, the forehead kiss symbolises love, care, and respect. It conveys a sense of protection and reassurance, often exchanged between partners to express deep emotional connection and intimacy.

2. The Cheek Kiss: Delicate and friendly, the cheek kiss signifies warmth, fondness, and platonic affection. It is commonly shared between friends, family members, and acquaintances as a gesture of greeting or farewell.

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3. The French Kiss: Passionate and intimate, the French kiss is characterised by its deep and lingering embrace. It represents desire, romance, and intense attraction between partners, involving the exchange of tongues and heightened sensuality.

4. The Butterfly Kiss: Playful and whimsical, the butterfly kiss involves fluttering eyelashes brushing against the skin. It conveys innocence, sweetness, and affectionate teasing, often shared between lovers in moments of playful intimacy.

5. The Eskimo Kiss: Unique and endearing, the Eskimo kiss is a gentle rubbing of noses between partners. Originating from Inuit culture, it signifies warmth, closeness, and camaraderie, fostering a sense of connection and unity.


6. The Single Lip Kiss: Subtle and teasing, the single lip kiss involves gently nibbling or sucking on one partner's lip. It evokes passion, desire, and anticipation, heightening intimacy and sparking romantic tension between lovers.

7. The Hand Kiss: Chivalrous and respectful, the hand kiss entails gently pressing one's lips against the back of another person's hand. It symbolises admiration, courtesy, and reverence, often exchanged as a gesture of admiration or formal greeting.

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As couples celebrate Kiss Day, they embrace the opportunity to express their love and affection through these varied kisses, each imbued with its own unique meaning and significance. Whether sweet and innocent or passionate and intense, kisses serve as a timeless expression of love, binding hearts together in a bond of shared intimacy and devotion.

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