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Moscow terror attack: 28 bodies discovered in restroom; Vladimir Putin alleges 'Ukraine escape route'

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 24th 2024 08:27 AM
Moscow terror attack: 28 bodies discovered in restroom; Vladimir Putin alleges 'Ukraine escape route'

Moscow terror attack: 28 bodies discovered in restroom; Vladimir Putin alleges 'Ukraine escape route'

PTC News Desk: In the aftermath of the Moscow terror attack, authorities discovered 28 bodies in a concert hall restroom, amplifying the toll of the tragedy. Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that 11 individuals, including the four gunmen, had been apprehended.

The assailants, alleged to be responsible for the deaths of 133 individuals and severe injuries to over 107 others, were swiftly detained following the heinous assault. ISIS promptly claimed accountability for the attack, although Ukrainian officials vehemently denied any involvement from their war-torn nation. Despite Ukrainian disavowals, Russian authorities insisted that the attackers received support from Ukraine.

Initially reporting 143 fatalities, Russian authorities later revised the figure downward to 133 after more than 24 hours of exhaustive search efforts. At present, 107 individuals remain hospitalised, battling for their survival in the wake of this appalling act of violence.

Here are the top updates of the Russia terror attack

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the detention of 11 individuals, including the four gunmen involved in the terror attack.

2. Putin stated that the suspects attempted to evade capture and fled towards Ukraine.

3. According to preliminary data, there were indications of a prepared escape route for the suspects on the Ukrainian side of the border, as per Putin's remarks.

4. Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that the gunmen had established contacts in Ukraine.

5. The suspects were apprehended near the border, according to the FSB.

6. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy criticized Putin and others, accusing them of attempting to shift blame for the attack.

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7. Andriy Yusov, spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence, informed Reuters that Ukraine had no involvement in the terror attack. He emphasised that Ukraine was focused on defending itself against Russian invasion and engaging with the occupying army, not civilians.

8. Putin, during his address, pledged to identify and punish all those responsible for orchestrating the attack. He condemned the perpetrators and organisers, promising justice for the assault against Russia and its people.

9. The White House of the United States confirmed sharing information with Russia regarding a planned attack in Moscow. Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the US National Security Council, clarified that there was no indication of Ukrainian involvement.

10. Media reports indicated various causes of death among the victims, including gunshot wounds and fatalities resulting from a fire ignited by the assailants using petrol inside the concert hall. Russian media reported the discovery of 28 bodies in a restroom and 14 on a staircase, with distressing scenes of mothers clutching their children.

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