Kat Le Kiwi: Mauka Mauka Ad trolls Kiwis ahead of India vs New Zealand sem-final clash, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

By Rajan Nath - July 09, 2019 1:07 pm

Kat Le Kiwi: A new Mauka Mauka Advertisement is making round on Internet which is trolling Kiwis ahead of the semi-final clash of India vs New Zealand in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The advertisement is trolling New Zealand as "Haath Ko Aaya, Muh Na Laga", as they have been defeated in semi-finals for the six times and will face Indian Cricket Team-led by Virat Kohli ahea for the seventh time. In an advertisement, the Indian fan is trolling New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Aghanistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies and South Africa.


In a Mauka Mauka ad ahead of India vs New Zealand semi-final clash, Bangladesh, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka were given the return tickets including Afghanistan which were given the business class tickets based on their performance in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Interestingly, the India (character played) sponsored the return tickets to them. Also, Pakistan entered and asks for the return tickets from the agent, to which he denied and told Pakistan to stay and watch the finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, as India has directed to.

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Meanwhile, New Zealand enters and offers return ticket for India saying that he is doing social work so Kiwis are giving the return ticket. Likewise, India trolls him by wearing New Zealand the crown and went on his knees to laud him as a "King of Haath ko Aya Muh Na Laga". Since Pakistan and Bangladesh started laughing on it, India trolled Pakistan again claiming them (NZ and Pak) brothers, as Pakistan got defeated seven times by India, while New Zealand to be defeated for seventh time in semi-finals.

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