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Assam police thwart Delhi-born IIT Guwahati student's attempt to join ISIS

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 24th 2024 11:11 AM -- Updated: March 24th 2024 11:12 AM
Assam police thwart Delhi-born IIT Guwahati student's attempt to join ISIS

Assam police thwart Delhi-born IIT Guwahati student's attempt to join ISIS

PTC News Desk: The student, hailing from Delhi and enrolled at IIT Guwahati, was apprehended by Assam police en route to joining the Islamic State (ISIS). The arrest took place near Guwahati's Hajo area on Saturday.

According to authorities, the student had pledged allegiance to ISIS and was heading to join the group. This development follows closely after the arrest of Haris Farooqi, also known as Harish Ajmal Farukhi, and his associate Anurag Singh, alias Rehan, in Dhubri district. They were apprehended after crossing over from Bangladesh and were purportedly linked to ISIS activities in India.

Director General of Police GP Singh confirmed the detention of the IIT Guwahati student in a post on X, indicating that further legal procedures would ensue.

The police acted swiftly upon receiving an email from the student himself, detailing his intentions to join ISIS. Additional Superintendent of Police Kalyan Kumar Pathak stated that upon receiving the email, authorities initiated an investigation to verify its authenticity. Contact was made with IIT Guwahati authorities to ascertain the student's whereabouts, as he had been reported missing since noon, with his phone switched off.

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The detained student, a fourth-year graduate from IIT Guwahati and a resident of Delhi's Okhla, was apprehended with the help of local residents in Hajo, located 30 kilometers from Guwahati. Following initial questioning, the student was taken to the Special Task Force (STF) office for further investigation. During the search of his hostel room, authorities discovered a black flag resembling that of ISIS, adding to suspicions regarding his intentions.

Pathak emphasised that the investigation is ongoing, with authorities scrutinising the seized items and evaluating the motive behind the email. While the student has provided some details, specifics regarding the case cannot be disclosed at this time.

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