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Anime magic: AI transforms Delhi's iconic landmarks into stunning artwork, Internet goes wild

The viral video shows several iconic monuments of the national capital, it has various other characteristics that capture the essence of the city

Written by  Annesha Barua -- August 07th 2023 06:42 PM
Anime magic: AI transforms Delhi's iconic landmarks into stunning artwork, Internet goes wild

Anime magic: AI transforms Delhi's iconic landmarks into stunning artwork, Internet goes wild

PTC News Desk: We are undoubtedly living in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where this revolutionary technology continues to reshape our world and redefine our perception of reality. In the realm of art, AI is making its mark, allowing artists to create stunning and hyper-realistic artwork that frequently goes viral on the internet. One such artist recently captivated netizens with an awe-inspiring video, envisioning the Indian capital, New Delhi, in the enchanting world of anime.

The mesmerising video showcases several of Delhi's iconic monuments alongside other characteristic elements that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of the city. India Gate, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, and Humayun's Tomb all received the anime treatment, bringing forth a fresh and vibrant perspective of these landmarks.

The video also featured bustling scenes from busy markets, lively food streets, and the bustling Delhi metro, all recreated with anime flair.

The mastermind behind this artistic marvel is an individual known as @sarlloc on Instagram, who simply captioned the video, ''Delhi in the anime universe with the help of AI.'' The execution of the artwork left users utterly mesmerized, and they couldn't resist showering praise upon the artist's remarkable imagination. One amazed user wrote, ''How did you do it? Looks great!'', while another expressed pride, saying, ''My city! What a beautiful work!'' A third admirer simply stated, ''Beautiful, brother.''

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The anime adaptation of Delhi's iconic places garnered widespread admiration, with many users exclaiming their astonishment and expressing their love for the artwork. Some enthusiasts even requested the artist to create anime versions of other Indian cities like Mumbai, highlighting the immense demand for this unique and creative fusion of AI and art.

This isn't the first time AI has been harnessed to reimagine Indian cities creatively. A few months prior to this, a Twitter user by the name of Angshuman Choudhury posted AI-generated images envisioning New Delhi and Kolkata blanketed in layers of snow. The ethereal images depicted Delhi's iconic India Gate and a historical gate nestled in the lanes of Old Delhi, while Kolkata's version displayed the city's signature trams and classic cars, all set against a picturesque snowy backdrop.

These AI-generated artworks not only captivate the online audience but also serve as a testament to the boundless creativity that emerges from the synergy between human artistic vision and advanced AI technology. As AI continues to advance, we can only anticipate witnessing even more awe-inspiring and imaginative creations that will continue to leave us spellbound.

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