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Moscow hall attack: 143 dead; 11 arrested, including 4 gunmen

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 23rd 2024 02:35 PM
Moscow hall attack: 143 dead; 11 arrested, including 4 gunmen

Moscow hall attack: 143 dead; 11 arrested, including 4 gunmen

PTC News Desk: On Saturday, Russia announced the arrest of 11 individuals, including four suspected gunmen, in relation to a shooting spree that claimed the lives of 143 individuals in a concert hall near Moscow. This incident marks the deadliest attack in Russia in the past 20 years.

Reports from Russian media indicate that on Saturday, authorities apprehended four individuals believed to have been directly involved in the Moscow concert hall attack. These four suspects were part of the larger group of 11 detained in connection with the tragic incident.

The swift actions of law enforcement in detaining the suspects offer a glimmer of hope amidst the grief and shock gripping the nation in the aftermath of this senseless act of violence. As investigations continue and details unfold, authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to ensure justice for the victims and their families.

Meanwhile, the devastating attack at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, a suburban concert hall near Moscow, has left a profound impact, marking one of the deadliest incidents in recent Russian history. 

Details of the attack: Gunmen in 'tactical uniforms'

Eyewitnesses recount a scene of horror as chaos erupted moments before the scheduled concert by the Piknik rock band. Gunmen, described as being between two to five individuals, donned tactical attire and wielded automatic weapons as they stormed into the concert hall, unleashing a hail of gunfire upon unsuspecting attendees.

Videos circulating on Russian social media platforms captured the chilling moments of the attack, showcasing the assailants' brazen assault on the venue. Additionally, footage depicted frantic concertgoers fleeing for safety amid the mayhem and confusion.

Escapes and rescues amidst the chaos

In the midst of the pandemonium, concert attendees sought refuge wherever possible, hiding behind seats or attempting to flee through basement exits or access points to the roof. The Emergency Situations Ministry revealed that approximately 100 individuals were able to escape through the basement, thanks to the swift actions of fire services.

Thankfully, all members of the Piknik group were safely evacuated from the premises. However, rescue operations faced challenges as flames engulfed the venue, necessitating efforts to reach individuals stranded on the roof.

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