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Pakistan warns of consequences as Iran attacks kill 2 in Balochistan

Written by  Annesha Barua -- January 17th 2024 09:01 AM
Pakistan warns of consequences as Iran attacks kill 2 in Balochistan

Pakistan warns of consequences as Iran attacks kill 2 in Balochistan

PTC News Desk: In a recent escalation, Iran targeted two bases of the Balochi militant group Jaish al Adl in Pakistan, following missile attacks by Iran's Revolutionary Guards in Iraq and Syria. The bases, located in Pakistan's Balochistan province, were hit by missiles and drones, according to Iranian state media. The militant group had previously attacked Iranian security forces in the border region with Pakistan.

Pakistan, confirming the death of two children in the strikes, issued a stern warning, calling the incident "completely unacceptable" with the potential for "serious consequences." While Iran's foreign ministry has not responded, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the "unprovoked violation" of its airspace and protested the strikes as an "illegal act."

On Wednesday, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry strongly denounced an alleged "unprovoked violation" of its airspace, condemning the strikes for causing the deaths of two "innocent" children and injuring three girls. The ministry deemed the incident "completely unacceptable" and warned of "serious consequences." Notably, the statement did not specify the incident's location or provide details about the nature of the airspace violation.

Source: (X/@ForeignOfficePk)

Pakistan lodged a strong protest with the Iranian Foreign Ministry and summoned the Iranian Charge d'Affaires. The responsibility for the consequences was squarely placed on Iran by Pakistan.

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Notably, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards claimed to have attacked Israel's Mossad intelligence agency's "espionage headquarters" in Iraq's Kurdistan region and targeted the Islamic State in Syria. The strikes have raised concerns about the Middle East's escalating conflict, with Iran accusing the U.S. of supporting what it calls Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The U.S. has affirmed its support for Israel but expressed concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza. The missile strikes did not impact U.S. facilities, according to officials.

The situation adds another layer to the complex geopolitical landscape in the Middle East, with multiple actors involved in ongoing conflicts.

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