BKU Ugrahan: Amendments suggested by ministers are not acceptable

After analysis of yesterday’s meeting with central ministers BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan)‘s state committee has rejected the suggested amendments in the laws concerned. The organization is convinced that getting the laws repealed is the only target of the ongoing agitation.

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The organization’s president Joginder Singh Ugrahan and senior vice president Jhanda Singh Jethuke said that the seven hour long meeting with central ministers was inconclusive as the ministers were not ready to concede. They ensured MSP and procurement, reconsider the rights given to SDM to adjudicate the conflict between farmers and the contracting corporate and some minor amendments which was not enough to be considered. The organization understand that these proposals are mere lip service so the agitation will continue till its targets are achieved.

The state committee meeting also took notice of the meeting between central home minister Amit Shah and Punjab chief Minister Amarinder Singh. The chief minister had stated that the ongoing agitation is a threat to the national security so the organizations should actively look for a solution. The state committee commented that these laws are the real threat to national security as they attack food security of the people. State committee added that the ongoing struggle is a threat to the corporate houses and their hegemony but it is a movement for the rights of farmers, workers and common people of the country.

Meanwhile BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) continued its protest at Tikri border where protesters have occupied kilometers of road and established five stages to address the gatherings. Shingara Singh Mann, Jaswinder Singh Soma, Harinder Kaur Bindu, Paramjit Kaur Pitho, Zora Singh Nasrali of Punjab Khet Mazdoor union, Amolak Singh of PLS Manch, Amitoz Singh Maur of Punjab student union (Shaheed Randhawa), Sushil Kumari, Rajesh Dhankar, Mukesh Khasa and Khushbir Kaur from Haryana addressed the gathering. The speakers explained that Modi government is responsible for the discomfort of the local community due to ongoing agitation. It was reiterated that this is an agitation for the security of the farmer as well as the food security of the country.

The speakers stated that the dominance of corporate houses in agriculture sector mean end of public distribution system. New system will ensure profit for the corporate houses and imperialist multinational corporations by depriving people of essential commodities.

The new system will increase black marketing and artificial glut and scarcity in the market. The leaders stated that this agitation is an attempt to save a profession like agriculture and to ensure food security of the masses.

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This is the reason that the agitation is getting support from people across the country and different walks of life. The speakers appealed to the residents of Delhi that they should take the purpose of agitation into account while facing the problems caused by it. While appreciating the cooperation extended by the local community the speakers asked for more support from the capital city.

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