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Drinking water from clay pots or Matka improves digestion, metabolism and other functions

By Rajan Nath -- June 28, 2019 3:06 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

Well, Summers are here and this season, the heat is on high. This summer, the temperature is rising day by day and no sign of monsoon is witnessed so far. Meanwhile, Earthern pots or clay pots which is also known as Matki or Matka in Hindi. well, we might have always seen these Earthern pots nearby roads and at some places at home. These clay pots have several health benefits which will help you to improve your digestion, metabolism and other functions, this summer.

Alkaline properties:

The Earthern pots have an alkaline property while the human body is acidic in nature and hence it helps to maintain the pH of the body. Using Earthern pots for water consumption helps in keeping acidity and gastric problems away. Also, the water stored in clay pots keeps the water cool, which keeps the body healthy.

Treats Sore throats:

The Earthern pots water is the best way to treat sore throat during the summer. Water which is stored in room temperature remains hot, but the water consumed for the refrigerator is too cold to consume. People who are suffering from a bad throat or any respiratory problems should consume water from an Earthern pot.

Improves Metabolism and Digestion:

The water from Earthern pots improves metabolism and digestion problems due to it ensures better functions as compared to the water stored in BPA found in plastic bottles. Also, the water of clay pots helps in improving metabolism and digestion problems and reducing weight loss and keeping the body healthy.

Prevents Heat Stroke:

Earthern Pots stores the vitamins and minerals of the water which can help improve health also prevent heatstrokes. Water remains cool in Earthern pots and hence the cool water helps to cool off the body and prevents the problems caused due to excessive heat. Consumption of water stored in a clay pot is a healthy practice to avoid heat stroke.

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