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Viral Video: Man climbs down 19-Storey Building, Tweeple calls him Spider-Man, watch video

By Rajan Nath -- July 19, 2019 5:07 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

Viral Video: Well, Spider-Man is a myth, but hold on, have a look at this video, and you will get to see that the myth is real, until it comes to the sake of life. In a major incident, a fire broke out at a high-rise in West Philadelphia on Thursday, where a man escaped himself. The video of a man escaping from the 19-storey building is going viral on the Internet as the video is just a jaw-dropping.

The man is seen coming down from the 19-storey building with calm and ease. According to WPVI-TV, a massive fire took place in a building at around 9:30 PM and a Television network helicopter captured the man climbing down the building, just like Peter Parker.

The man was trying to escape as the building was set on a fire and the smoke was coming out of the windows of the top floors. In a video going viral on the Internet, the man was seen reaching the ground by climbing down the 19-storey building.

The fire was brought under control and no casualties were reported. As the video got viral, people started lauding the man as he escaped unharmed. There were a lot of people on social media who were impressed by how he did it all by himself, as some of them called him the real-life Spider-Man.

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