China apologizes to whistleblower’s family who died due to coronavirus

Coronavirus China Doctor Li Wenliang , Communist Party Apology

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, China’s communist party issued a “solemn apology” to Dr. Li Wenliang’s family. Dr Li Wenliang was the whistleblower of the current situation. He was punished along with his seven colleagues for warning the country about coronavirus. Later, the doctor died in February due to the pandemic.

Now, after China witnessed the deaths of 3,255 people with 81,008 cases, it revoked its decision and sent an apology to Li’s family, a report said. Likewise, the Communist party appreciated the bravery of Dr. Li and all the sacrifices made by him. Also, the family has received financial aid from the government.

Dr. Li Wenliang was the first person to raise an alarm in the country about the coronavirus, back in December 2019. However, he was silenced by the government for mentioning the new coronavirus and was punished for warning people.

Dr. Li has shared the information through his social media. Meanwhile, he has told how coronavirus has killed hundreds of people and has affected thousands. Similarly, he raised his voice and said if not prevented as soon as possible, the novel coronavirus can destroy the whole world.

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As a result, the coronavirus has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), earlier this month. For now, more than 11,417 people have died due to coronavirus across the globe with 276,528 confirmed cases. Though China was the epicenter of the disease, Italy is the most affected country so far. Italy has reported 4,032 deaths so far.

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