Man left with half haircut after barber gets busted by cops amid lockdown [VIDEO]

Coronavirus Lockdown | Barber arrest for open shops and Salons | Lancashire England

The barbershops, salons, and spas have remained closed amid coronavirus lockdown. Meanwhile, there are several countries where relaxations are being announced during the lockdown. However, the barbershops and salons are taking time to resume functioning. In some places, it is an offence to open barbershops and salons amid restrictions imposed by the respective governments. Likewise, if an owner does so is, is likely to be arrested by the cops.

In one such incident, a hair salon in Lancashire, a city in England, decided to open the business during the lockdown. Meanwhile, the cops patrolling the area visited the barbershop and busted the owner for violating the norms. Meanwhile, a man inside the shop, taking hair-cut, was left in-between.

The police officers interrupted the man’s haircut, as they entered the shop. In a video, two officers were seen walking upstairs and found people waiting in a queue. As they entered the shop, they saw a man sitting on a chair with trimmed cuttings.

“What is happening here?” one of the officers was heard saying in a video.  “Officer, there is no social-distancing,” a person said. Meanwhile, the man getting a haircut said, “I’ve had half ahead, are you taking the p***?”

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Barbers and salons have been facing the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The nationwide lockdown prompted a lot of people to cut their own hair at home. Social media is flooded with the photos and videos of people sharing their hair-cut skills and fails of themselves, their friends, or family members.

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