Europe: Fresh restrictions imposed as COVID-19 cases rise


Europe again fears the rise of coronavirus cases; the outbreak is increasing in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland.

Europe imposed a 9 pm curfew on many of its biggest cities and Londoners faced new travel restrictions as governments imposed increasingly tough measures.

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The Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Britain are among the countries causing particular concern. The head of the World Health Organization’s Europe office urged governments to be “uncompromising” in controlling the virus.

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“These measures are meant to keep us all ahead of the curve and to flatten its course,” Dr Hans Kluge said, while wearing a mask.

UN: Europe's pandemic restrictions are absolutely necessary

Kluge cited epidemiological models that suggested if 95% of people wear masks and follow other social distancing measures; Europe could avoid about 281,000 deaths by February.

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