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'Worst is behind us': Assam Rifles Director General on Manipur violence

Written by  Shgun S -- September 01st 2023 06:28 PM
'Worst is behind us': Assam Rifles Director General on Manipur violence

'Worst is behind us': Assam Rifles Director General on Manipur violence

Manipur violence: The worst is behind Manipur, and the ethnically divided state is "headed towards better times," Assam Rifles Director General Lt Gen P C Nair said on Friday.

Though sporadic violence continues to be reported in some areas, he believes the northeastern state is on the path to peace.

"If I have to sum up, the worst is behind us. Though sporadic incidents of shootings and killings are being reported, those will gradually subside and we are heading towards better times," the DG said.

Lt Gen Nair stated that during the last four months, the country's oldest paramilitary force has destroyed bunkers, seized weapons, and rescued innocent people from both groups in Manipur.

His remark comes in the wake of allegations that the Assam Rifles are discriminatory against a particular community in Manipur.

"We are not (biased), and I want to be clear about that. We destroyed an equal number of bunkers from both communities. We recovered equal numbers of weapons from both sides. The number of people we have saved from becoming victims of violence is also equal," added Lt Gen Nair.

"Why should we favour one community over another?" We have soldiers from both sides in our force, and there has been no conflict between them. That truly reflects the leadership present in both the Army and the Assam Rifles," he added.

"These officers are doing everything they can to keep the peace," he added.

"Along with the Army, we (Assam Rifles) are playing an absolutely unbiased role here," he said, adding that his force is trying to curtail violence and put an end to killings, shootings, and house burnings across the state.

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