Punjab: Woman gang-raped by 3 men in Amritsar, thrown out from moving vehicle

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Amritsar Gang Rape Case: In a shocking incident, a woman was allegedly gang-raped by three men in Amritsar, Punjab. The victim, along with her 10-year-old child, was thrown out of the running car.

According to the information, the incident took place on September 6 when the victim got a call from an unknown person telling her that her colleague has met with an accident.

Punjab: Woman gang-raped by 3 men in Amritsar

She got panicked after the call and rushed to Amritsar via a bus.

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After reaching Amritsar in Punjab, the person, who had called the woman over phone, met her and offered her a cold drink having drugs in it. The Amritsar Gang Rape victim became unconscious and was taken in a car along with her daughter to a hotel.

Punjab: Woman gang-raped by 3 men in Amritsar

The woman has also claimed there were already two men in the car.

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According to the victim, she was later gang-raped by three men. The accused threw the Amritsar Gang Rape victim and her child from the moving vehicle and fled from the scene.

Punjab: Woman gang-raped by 3 men in Amritsar

Both the woman and her child suffered injuries including a fracture in the rape victim’s arm. The victim said that she did not reveal the incident to anyone on that day due to fear. However, she gathered courage and approached the police as she wanted the culprit to be punished.

educareHere’s what police said on Amritsar, Punjab, Gang Rape Case

Meanwhile, the police said the CCTV records and footage of the Amritsar hotel are being checked where the victim was taken and raped.

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