Indian-origin teen from Canada survives 500-ft fall from US peak [MIRACLE]

By Rajan Nath -- January 03, 2020 1:01 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

A miracle occurred in United States where a 16-year-old Indian-origin mountain climber from Canada survived a 500-feet fall from the 11,240 feet Mount Hood. As per report, Mount Hood is the highest peak in coastal US state Oregon. The youngster is identified as Gurbaz Singh from Surrey.

Gurbaz was ascending the peak with friends on Tuesday. It was his 90th mountain climb when he miss-judged his foot on ice and fell from a section of the mountain, which is known as the Pearly Gates to the Devil’s Kitchen area below, the US-based local channel reported.

Miraculously, he survived the dangerous fall suffering only a broken leg. Meanwhile, a team of search-and-rescue operations hiked up to the climber, who was stranded at an elevation of about 10,500 feet. Due to the elevation and location, the rescue operation took several hours.

According to US Forest service, Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon covered with snow and the most-visited peak in the nation. As per report, more than 10,000 people visit to climb each year.

Gurbaz Singh underwent surgery in a a hospital in Portland. He said that his  training and wearing a helmet helped him to survive the fall. Meanwhile, his father told media that once Gurbaz is fully healed then he and his son will go back to Mount Hood and conquer the climb together.

-PTC News

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