Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work hours

By Jasleen Kaur -- November 11, 2021 2:53 pm -- Updated:November 11, 2021 3:28 pm

Covid-19: You can consider moving to Portugal if you are annoyed about your boss messaging or calling you after office hours for work. The Portuguese parliament has passed new labour laws under which an employer will be fined if they contact their staff after work hours. The move aims at ensuring a healthier work-life balance.

Amid the pandemic outbreak, several houses have turned into temporary offices due to the new culture of working from home.

Portugal: Boss's message after office is illegal, you may have to pay fine! This country has changed the labor law Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work

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But, many people have a common complaint about working from home: no privacy.  Besides the penalties, employers will also have to pay their employees for increased expenses incurred while working from home such as electricity and Internet. The new rules were approved recently, Portugal's ruling Socialist Party said.

So, what will change?

Companies or employers can now face fines for contacting workers outside of their normal working hours, say the new rules.

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Portugal Makes It Illegal For Bosses To Text Employees After Work Hours


Portugal was the first European country to alter its remote working rules after the Covid-19 pandemic in January this year. The temporary rules made remote working a mandatory option, but with a few exceptions. The new rules also obliged employers to provide necessary tools for getting the job done.

This Country Now Penalises Bosses Who Call or Text Employees After Work

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