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Punjab's Moga hospital discovers myriad objects inside man's stomach after years of pain

Hospital Director Dr. Ajmer Kalra, encountering his inaugural case of its kind, revealed the patient's two-year struggle with chronic stomach issues

Written by  Annesha Barua -- September 29th 2023 02:44 PM
Punjab's Moga hospital discovers myriad objects inside man's stomach after years of pain

Punjab's Moga hospital discovers myriad objects inside man's stomach after years of pain

Moga, September 29: A startling medical revelation unfolded at a hospital in Punjab's Moga when doctors, during a surgical procedure, stumbled upon a baffling array of items inside a patient's stomach. The 40-year-old individual had been admitted to Medicity Hospital in Moga due to persistent high fever and stomach discomfort, which had plagued him for over two days. As his condition continued to deteriorate, medical professionals opted to perform an X-ray scan on his abdominal region to pinpoint the source of his distress. What they uncovered was nothing short of astonishing.

The X-ray scan unveiled a startling sight: numerous metallic objects firmly lodged within the man's stomach. This alarming discovery prompted doctors to embark on a three-hour surgical procedure aimed at removing the foreign objects from his body.

Among the nearly one hundred items extracted from the man's stomach were earphones, washers, nuts and bolts, wires, rakhis (traditional Indian bracelets), lockets, buttons, wrappers, hairclips, a zipper tag, a marble, and even a safety pin.

Dr. Ajmer Kalra, the hospital's director, expressed his astonishment, noting that this was the first case of its kind he had encountered in his medical career. The man had been grappling with stomach issues for an extended period, enduring the discomfort for two long years. Despite the successful removal of the items, the patient's condition remained unstable. The prolonged presence of foreign objects had led to additional health complications, as explained by the doctor.

The man's family, equally perplexed by the discovery, had no prior knowledge of when or why he had ingested these items. His parents were completely in the dark about the circumstances surrounding his consumption of these objects. They attested that he had been suffering from mental health issues and had complained of stomach pain, coupled with insomnia, in the days leading up to his hospitalization. Prior consultations with various medical professionals had failed to identify the root cause of his agony, leaving the family in a state of bewilderment.

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