Punjab Budget 2022 Highlights: No new taxes; 300 units free power from July 1

By Dinkle Popli -- June 27, 2022 9:33 am -- Updated:June 27, 2022 4:05 pm

Chandigarh, June 27: The Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab on Monday presented its maiden Budget of Rs 1.55 lakh crore. The focus of the Budget remained education, health and agriculture sectors. On the other hand, no new taxes have been imposed.



Though the AAP government has not made any provisions or announcement for implementing its promise of Rs 1,000 allowance for each woman over 18, the government reiterated its commitment to provide 300 units of free power to all.

Punjab Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema presented the maiden budget for the year 2022-23. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Rajya Sabha MP Vikramjit Sahney were also present at the Budget presentation.


Punjab Budget 2022 HIGHLIGHTS:





Urban planning is the core requirement for development in this era of hyper urbanization. Unplanned urban development becomes a bane, reducing urban clusters into chaotic places. Moving ahead in the direction of planned urban development, it is heartening to tell that Master Plans covering 79 towns have been notified and further 70 Master Plans are currently being prepared. This Government would work on city mobility plans, making urban transport a priority sector. My Government believes that access to basic civil infrastructure is the right of every Punjabi irrespective of their economic status. Therefore, with a view of promoting equity and inclusivity in our cities, we resolve to construct 25,000 EWS houses in phases.


12: 56 pm :TRANSPORT

Transport sector in Punjab has been infamous for established monopolies by powerful politicians, loss of State revenue due to faulty policies and inefficient and weak State transport corporations. My Government pledges to provide safe and affordable public transport facilities to common people while simultaneously ending the so called transport mafia in the State. We would work to bring quality and equity in this sector and promote new technological interventions such as electric vehicles, CNG operated vehicles to provide comfort to the riders and solace to the environment. Further, construction of 45 new bus stands and renovation of 61 bus stands of PUNBUS and PRTC would be initiated during FY 2022-23.





The State Government is committed to provide safe drinking water through piped distribution network and sanitation facilities to all households of the State. An allocation of ₹2,374 crore is proposed in this financial year with an increase of 48.94% over 2021-22 (RE). Overall 98% of 12,009 villages have been declared 'Har Ghar Jal' villages with 100% Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) coverage.




Inclusiveness is the guiding principle of a welfare Government. We have deep allegiance towards the upliftment, protection and promotion of the interests of all the vulnerable sections of the society. AAP Government would continue extending all kinds of support needed under various welfare schemes currently operational. Further, appropriate actions would be taken in due course to make them more effective and efficient. We propose a budgetary allocation of ₹7,437 crore for the FY 2022-23.





We believe that Punjab is a State with enormous tourism potential, which unfortunately has not been harnessed. Tourism contributes significantly to the growth of States like Rajasthan, Kerala, Gujarat, etc. but its contribution is minuscule in Punjab. Our Government desires to make Punjab into a sought-after tourist destination. Efforts have already started to develop places with high tourism potential and attract private investment. The Government would be concentrating mainly on eco-tourism, rural tourism, cultural and religious tourism.




The Government, while bowing its head to the martyrs, and other defense personnel who laid their life for the Nation, has doubled the ex-gratia assistance from existing ₹50 lacs to ₹1 crore. An allocation of ₹130 crore has been earmarked in FY 2022-23 i.e. an increase of 11.00% over FY 2021-22. 100. My Government accords due reverence to its ex-servicemen and with firm commitment towards their welfare, adequate assistance for setting up of old-age home for the ex-servicemen at Mohali would be provided during FY 2022-23.


12: 33 pm: NRI

NRI AFFAIRS 97. AAP Government believes that our NRI brothers and sisters are significant stakeholders in the development of the State. In order to mobilize NRI community to partake in the developmental initiatives, under the guidance of our Hon’ble Chief Minister Sardar Bhagwant Singh Mann Ji, “Punjab Sikhya te Sehat Fund”- a trust to assist capital asset creation in health and education sector will be set up during the course of the year and Government will provide a token assistance initially as seed money to it during FY 2022-23



12: 16pm: Agriculture

MSP on Moong Cultivation: AAP Government has made a historic decision to procure moong at MSP. It would nudge farmers to go for 3 crop cultivation from the traditional 2 crop rice-wheat cycle. This 65 day crop would supplement farmer incomes, promote diversification and conserve water and soil. An amount of ₹66 crore as a Gap Funding to implementing organization MARKFED is being proposed for this purpose. Further, I am happy to announce that National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) has agreed to partly procure Moong from Punjab under its Price Support System.



12: 14 pm: Agriculture

Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR): Studies show that DSR method has the potential to save 20% water compared to the puddling technique of paddy cultivation. To incentivize the farmers to go for DSR 22 technique, our Hon’ble Chief Minister has already announced a financial incentive of ₹1,500 per acre to the implementing farmers. It is expected that this effort will yield positive outcome in the years to come and I propose an allocation of ₹450 crore for DSR in FY 2022-23 to encourage farmers to switch to this water saving technique



12: 13 pm: Health

Establishment of Estate Management Unit (EMU): Infrastructure creation is a crucial requirement for providing best inhouse health facilities, however, due to disconnect between the constructers and runners of such infrastructure, continuance and upkeep of these facilities is often ignored. The Government proposes to establish Estate Management Unit (EMU) which shall exclusively look into upkeep and maintenance of the basic sub-structure needs of Hospitals/ Health facilities and remove such glitches in a time bound manner. The Unit would initially be run by the State Government and subsequently be handed over to a specialized agency involved in professional management of such facilities


12: 10 pm: Health

Farishtey: Casualties in road accident due to the dearth of timely medical help is a remorseful experience. AAP Government is extremely sensitive to the cause and would try to make sure that anyone who suffers from a road accident is saved. For this, a scheme on the pattern of ‘Farishtey’ scheme in New Delhi would be launched in Punjab whereby anyone can take a road accident victim(s) and get them admitted to any hospital. The sufferers of road accidents will be given free treatment and the entire cost would be borne by the Government of Punjab and the helper would also be felicitated.


12: 08 pm: Health

Mohalla/ Pind Clinics: Speaker Sir, our Government believes in providing “last mile delivery” of health care services to the people of Punjab irrespective of geographies, gender, class, caste, age, religion or any other form of discrimination. We have strong commitment to 20 extend the medical care to the remotest lane of Punjab so that the citizens feel entitled to one of the basic necessities of leading a dignified life. This Government proposes to establish “Mohalla/ Pind Clinics” in order to decentralize the public health services to the lowest level. This year the Government plans to establish 117 Mohalla Clinics for which an initial allocation of ₹77 crore is being proposed. I shall take this opportunity to announce that 75 of these Mohalla Clinics will be operationalized by 15th August, 2022.



12: 04 pm: Health

“Changi Sehat Sab Ton Vaddi Daulat Hai” The health of any nation depends on the accessibility of equitable, affordable and accountable healthcare system by its citizens. It is a well-known fact that high out of pocket expenses are pushing people into poverty.


11: 59 am: Education

Medical Education is a keystone for health care services in any country. Medical Colleges are cradles, which have the potential to produce world class doctors, the paucity of whom is being felt with each passing day in India. Secondly, we don’t want our medical students to go to countries like Ukraine to study medicine and therefore promise to provide best medical education eco-system in the State. With this objective, our Government proposes to set up 16 New Medical Colleges making total 25 Medical Colleges in the State over a period of next 5 years covering every corner of the State.


11: 57 am: Education

CM Scholarship to General Category Students for Giving Concession in University Fee: In order to encourage the students of poor families especially of General Category studying in Government Colleges, AAP Government has decided to provide scholarship as concession in the fee, based on the marks obtained by the student. I propose an allocation of ₹30 crore for this purpose.


11: 56 am: Education

Provision of Infrastructure Facilities in Nine New Libraries: I propose an allocation of ₹30 crore in FY 2022-23 for providing infrastructure facilities in libraries of Government Colleges of 9 districts i.e Tarn Taran, Barnala, Ludhiana, Fazilka, Malerkotla, Moga, Pathankot, Sri Muktsar Sahib and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar.



11: 55 am: Education

Punjabi University, Patiala, initially mandated primarily to develop and promote our mother-tongue Punjabi has evolved as a multidisciplinary educational system. However, it has become a victim of mismanagement in the past and so to revive this University, I allocate ₹200 crore in FY 2022-23 to tide over the ongoing financial crisis.


11: 54 am: Education

CM Scholarship to General Category Students for Giving Concession in University Fee: In order to encourage the students of poor families especially of General Category studying in Government Colleges, AAP Government has decided to provide scholarship as concession in the fee, based on the marks obtained by the student. I propose an allocation of ₹30 crore for this purpose.



11: 52 am: Education

Provision of Infrastructure Facilities in Nine New Libraries: I propose an allocation of ₹30 crore in FY 2022-23 for providing infrastructure facilities in libraries of Government Colleges of 9 districts i.e Tarn Taran, Barnala, Ludhiana, Fazilka, Malerkotla, Moga, Pathankot, Sri Muktsar Sahib and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar.


11: 50 am: Education

Uniforms for Students: Currently all Girls and SC/ ST/ BPL Boys from Class 1 to 8 studying in Government Schools are being provided with uniform. This Government has decided to provide uniform to all students studying in Pre-Primary to 8th Class of Government schools, transforming this scheme into a Universal scheme and an amount of ₹23 crore has been provisioned in FY 2022-23.



11: 48 am: Education

Up-gradation of Infrastructure including boundary-wall in Government Schools: Schools ought to be safe and secure places, especially for girl students. Further, moveable infrastructure and equipment’s especially IT infrastructure must not be prone to theft or vandalism. Our survey shows that still there are 2,728 rural schools & 212 urban schools where new boundary wall is required and there are 2,310 Rural Schools & 93 Urban Schools where urgent repair of boundary wall is required. Further, there is a need of world class school infrastructure, which would be built in every district of Punjab. A budgetary allocation ₹424 crore has been made in this budget of FY 2022-23 for this purpose.



11: 45 am: Education

Installation of Roof Top Solar Panel System in Government Schools: Tapping solar energy can aid schools reduce carbon footprint by 25% and meet 70% of their demand. Producing power via solar panels has proved to be economical which would help schools reduce their power bills. At present, out of 19,176 Government schools in the State only 3,597 have a solar panel system, installed under various schemes. Here, I propose a comprehensive scheme for installation of roof top solar panel systems in Government schools and allocate ₹100 crore for this purpose in the current financial year.


11: 42 am: Education

Specialized Agencies to undertake Research Studies/Programme Evaluation/ Impact Analysis of various Schemes/ Programmes: The Government proposes to undertake services of specialized Agencies/ Research Institutes like CRRID/ IDC/ Panjab University/ NCERT/ NIEPA etc. for conducting impact and outcome analysis of various schemes currently being run in the Education sector such as Transfer Policy; Smart School Policy; Parho Punjab Paraho Punjab; English Booster Club etc. This would provide a feedback loop to refine these programmes further making them more effective.


11: 40 am: Education

“Education is the milk of a lioness. He who drinks will roar” 31. This Government considers Education as a stairway to the growth and development of humankind. We believe that Education is fundamental to employability, character building, poverty reduction and social prosperity. History is witness to Punjab being the vanguard in our freedom struggle led by great men like Lala Rajpat Rai Ji, Shaheed-eAzam Sardar Bhagat Singh Ji, Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha Ji, Shaheed Udham Singh Ji and many other unsung heroes. Similarly, our effort towards education shall be to ensure Punjab becoming a leader in 2047 (100th year of Independence) towards prosperity of the Nation. I am confident that our society equipped with the most advanced education, the farmers with the most advanced technology and the industrialist with most efficient practices shall provide leadership to the Nation. With this aim, AAP Government is committed to provide quality education at affordable prices, where focus will not only be on inputs but also on outcomes.





  • .11: 38 am: The Budget Estimates of Capital Expenditure is pegged at ₹10,981 crore i.e. a growth of 8.95% over the previous year. This shows the commitment of the Government to invest in the future as capital assets and infrastructure have a multiplier effect on the economy.
  • 11: 36 am: FM Harpal Cheema proposes a total Budget Expenditure of ₹1,55,860 crore. It reflects 14.20% growth compared to FY 2021-22. Revenue and Fiscal Deficit pegged at 1.99% and 3.78%, respectively.


  • 11: 33 am: Tax Intelligence Unit: To augment additional resource generation, I propose to establish a Tax Intelligence Unit in the State. The Unit shall equip the finance department to improve tax compliances under GST through taxpayer facilitation and communication; and would strengthen tax analytics capabilities in the department to capture trends, patterns thereby bringing out weak and strong areas.


  • 11: 32 am: Gender Based Budgeting Guidelines: Building on the principles of good governance and inclusive development, I am extremely happy to state that the Government shall issue this year the Gender Responsive Budgeting Guidelines setting out the strategy to promote the goal of gender equality and gender mainstreaming for bringing in social transformation and eliminating inequality.



  • 11: 22 am: It gives me immense pleasure to say that we had received 20,384 suggestions on portal and also through emails, letters and memorandums. 72.70% suggestions were received from men with highest from 31 to 40 years age group (45.42%) and 27.30% from women with highest from 31 to 40 years age group (48.20%). The Government also organized meetings at district level to have a bird’s- eye-view of peoples’ expectations from this Budget. All 23 districts were covered during the tour and slew of suggestions were received. We got overwhelming response from Ludhiana, Patiala, Fazilka, Bathinda, Mandi Gobindgarh, Batala, Sangrur and Amritsar.


  • 11: 20am Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Rajya Sabha MP Vikramjit Sahney are also present at the Budget presentation.
  • 11: 16 am Sukhpal Khaira flags downloading issues on App; Speaker directs to provide him papers of Budget
  • 11: 13 am Punjab Budget to be paperless; All documents are being uploaded on a mobile application, called Punjab Budget. Finance Minister Harpal Cheema begins presenting the Budget; says I dedicate this Budget to the people of Punjab.
  • 11: 10 am :Finance Minister Harpal Cheema dedicates Budget to people of state
  • 11:08 am: The people of people reposed faith in the AAP and voted for the change of system. On behalf of the government, I thank the people of Punjab for making the party win 92 of 117 seats. It is a historic win. We are committed to the welfare of the state and will ensure law and order: Harpal Cheema.


  • 10:45 am: In a step towards e-governance, Punjab Government presents 'paperless' digital Budget, launches 'Punjab Budget IOS App'




10:00 am: Vidhan Sabha session begins with question hour.


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