Russia registers world's first COVID-19 vaccine, Putin says his daughter gets vaccinated

By Rajan Nath - August 12, 2020 9:08 am

While the world is waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a coronavirus vaccine, which is touted as the world's first such vaccine. He also said that his daughter has been vaccinated. The final stages of clinical trials to test safety and efficacy continue.

The president has asked Health Minister Mikhail Murashko to keep him informed about the vaccine, while at the same time noting that he knows "it works quite effectively" and "forms a stable immunity", according to Russian news agencies.

President Vladimir has asked the Health Minister Mikhail Murashko to keep him updated about the vaccine. According to the Russian news agencies, Putin also noted that he knows "it works quite effectively" and "forms a stable immunity".

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According to the news agency AFP, a vaccine against coronavirus was registered" for the first time in the world, in Russia.

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Meanwhile, Putin also thanked everyone who worked on the first-ever vaccine against the coronavirus. He also described it as "a very important step for the world". Likewise, the president hopes that the country will soon start mass production of the coronavirus vaccine.

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Mikhail Murashko said that the registration of the vaccine is conditional and that the trials will continue while the production gets underway.

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