Ambulance on the road? People don’t care in Chandigarh

Ambulance on the road? People don’t care in Chandigarh

Ambulance on the road? People don’t care in Chandigarh

How many times you hear people saying, “Chhod yaar, faltu laal batti jala rakhi hai. Andar koi patient nahi hai.”

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Well, maybe you have encountered one ambulance driver, who did that for no reason. Or, maybe, he was on his way to fetch a patient who just had a major accident or a heart attack. An ambulance was alerted of some emergency.

The driver has to reach his assigned location, but he can’t because your car or your scooter is blocking his way. You are not giving him a way. Probably because you don’t want to miss the first 10 minutes of your movie, or you don’t want to be late for your work. Or else, Rs 50 might get deducted from your salary!

After reading this, you might be thinking, how insensitive we can be to a patient during an emergency. We often blame the streets or police or the administration, but we never refrain ourselves from blocking the way.  We are always in a rush. We lack patience. How much education a person needs. It is a simple thing!

Yesterday, an ambulance driver was waiting for police to clear a way for his vehicle during the peak hour at Matka Chowk. Motorists, cars, buses and an ambulance were seen stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. The driver of an ambulance looked tense. A person’s life depended on him.

The conductor of a bus came like a knight in shining armor for this ambulance’s driver. He guided the driver to take the patient through the pedestrian path. He played the role of a responsible citizen.

The noble act of the bus conductor was recorded live by PTC News. The exclusive video of the ambulance was stuck in the traffic jam and the conductor helping the ambulance was telecast by PTC News.

Why there is no check on those creating inconvenience to others? Giving way in such situations is not only a humanitarian gesture but also a noble deed. It is our responsibility to save human life.

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Maybe it’s time to start giving way to ambulances and other emergency services like fire brigades. Maybe a small little gesture on your part can save a life or two.