Blood cancer: Overview, Types, Causes and common symptoms

Blood cancer
Blood cancer: Overview, Types, Causes and common symptoms

Blood cancer: Overview, Types, Causes and common symptoms

The blood cancer is a type of cancer that affects the production and function of your blood cells. This cancer starts in bone marrow. It is the most important source of blood production. The stems in the bone marrow grow and develop into three major types of blood cells which are: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

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Blood cancer
Blood cancer Overview, Types, Causes and common symptoms

If we talk about cancer, then this overall method is interrupted because of the growth of an abnormal type of cells. There are three types of blood cancer:

Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma


Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that leads to abnormal growth of white blood cells. They live longer than they’re supposed to. Also, unlike normal white blood cells, these cells don’t help your body to fight infection.

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Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer affects the lymphatic system. It is a system that removes excess fluids from your body. It also produces immune cells. Abnormal lymphocytes become Lymphoma cells. The abnormal growth of these cells in your lymph nodes and other tissues causes Lymphoma cancer.

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Symptoms of Blood cancer: 

    •   Weakness, Fatigue, and Malaise
    •   Shortness of breath
    •   Minimal body strain results in bone fractures
    •   Excessive or easy bruising
    •   Recurrent infections or fever
    •   Sweating during the night
    •   Weight loss
    •   Frequent vomiting sensations
    •   Anorexia
    •   Abdominal pain, Bone pain, and Back pain
    •   Confusion
    •   Abnormal bleeding in gums nose and cuts, which will lead to platelet reduction
    •   Headaches along with visual difficulties
    •   An occurrence of fine rashes on dark spots
    •   Decreased urination and difficulty while urinating

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Causes of Blood Cancer

    •   Aging
    •   Family history
    •   Weak immune system
    •   Certain infections