China gives country’s first COVID 19 vaccine patent to CanSino

China gives country's first COVID 19 vaccine patent to CanSino

China will always be nagged by accusations that it is the first country where the virus was developed and detected.
All the countries have been on their toes to make a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus.

Further US accused Chinese hackers of trying to steal Coronavirus data from them. Amidst all this, Beijing has been under a lot of pressure to deliver a vaccine to fight the disease.

It seems that their efforts have starting yielding results as Chinese authorities have granted the first invention patent to a domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

The vaccine is a recombinant adevnovirus vaccine named Ad5-nCoV co-developed by Chinese bio pharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics Inc, one of the vaccine candidate’s co-developers and other is a team led by Chinese military infectious disease expert Chen Wei.

China gives country's first COVID 19 vaccine patent to CanSinoIn a statement, CanSino said that the grant of the patent further confirmed the vaccine’s efficacy and safety and also convincingly demonstrated the ownership of its intellectual property rights.

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The lawyers said that China has a comparatively strict and complete patent examination system which requires a technology or product to be fundamentally different from existing similar technologies all over the world.

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