Does Covid-19 spread from newspapers? Here’s what Harsh Vardhan has to say

Does Covid-19 spread from newspapers? Here's what Harsh Vardhan said

Does Covid-19 spread from newspapers? The Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, on Sunday, said that there was no scientific evidence that proves that coronavirus was transmitted through newspapers and that it is “completely safe to read newspapers”.

He said, “Call your hawker as newspapers spreading the coronavirus is a baseless rumour.”

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The story barely reported by Indian media - BBC News

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and spread through droplets suspended in the air, Harsh Vardhan said, adding that there is no scientific evidence that tells that newspapers spread the virus.

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Talking about the credibility of newspapers, Prime minister Narendra Modi had, earlier, said that it was completely safe to read newspapers and that the newspapers provide correct information.

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No experts, internationally or nationally, studying coronavirus, have established any case of Covid-19 from newspapers or packages. Scientific research has shown that the virus does not survive on porous surfaces.

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Sujeet K Singh, Director, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), had also said that it was not true that newspapers can be a source of coronavirus.

educareAccording to a study published earlier this year in a New England Journal of Medicine, the world’s most-cited research journal had found that the lowest transmission possibilities were copper because of its atomic makeup and cardboard because of its porous texture.

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