Gas cylinder price increases, new rates applicable from today

By Gitanjali Mangal - February 04, 2021 3:02 pm

The price of cooking gas cylinder has increased as the Government-owned oil companies have increased the rate of LPG.

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The price of the domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rs 25 and the new rates will be applicable from today, February 4.

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, now a 14 kilogram domestic LPG cylinder will be available for Rs 732 instead of Rs 707. In Bihar’s Patna, the same cylinder will cost Rs 817.50 after an increase of Rs 25.

Although the price of domestic gas cylinders has increased, there is a decrease of Rs 6 in the price of commercial LPG cylinders. Weighing 19 kg, these cylinders can be purchased for Rs 1566 instead of Rs 1572.

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On February 1, the price of commercial LPG cylinders was increased by Rs 190. However, there was no change in the rate of domestic cooking gas cylinders.

Earlier in December, the price of domestic gas cylinders increased twice. The price of commercial gas cylinder has also been constantly increasing. In the month of October, commercial cylinders were available for Rs 1198, however in November, the price jumped to Rs 1274. In the month of December, commercial cylinders costed Rs 1365.50.

Here is the updated price list of the gas cylinder in Feb 2021 of Indian metro cities:

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This gas cylinder price rise comes after a cut in the petroleum subsidy was also declared by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the budget 2021-22.

The gas cylinder price in Chandigarh in Feb 2021 is 728.50

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