International Coffee Day: Coffee- The Beans of Joy!

International Coffee Day: Coffee- the beans of joy!
International Coffee Day: Coffee- the beans of joy!

International Coffee Day: Coffee- the beans of joy!

Today, October 1, is International Coffee Day, though, for coffee lovers, every day is a celebration.

Many coffee lovers describe the beverage as their lifeline. A few others call it as their wake-up call. Then, there are some addicts who believe in cherishing it than describing their favourite beverage. They hold their cup of coffee with a sparkle in their eyes that says a lot.

The moment we hear ‘coffee’, sniffing its aroma in the air is but natural. Taking a sip of Half-café, latte, cappuccino, frappuccino and what not while sitting in a comfy chair gets you a great feeling!

Well, International Coffee Day is a day when the world celebrates the world’s largest consumed beverage’s journey from the farm to your cup of coffee. It is a global opportunity to honour the people who grow and harvest the coffee we adore!

Love of Coffee in India has gone to the next level. All thanks to the coffee industry that has revolutionized the way we have our coffee. So on this International Coffee day, the following restaurants in India are celebrating the coffee day.

Indian Coffee house:

Well, Indian Coffee House was once the Country’s Living room. Writers, thinkers and actors met, talked and got engaged in animated discussions while sitting there. They turned this coffee cooperative workers chain into a national institution.

These Coffee houses remind us a flavour of British India. Youngsters should visit these coffee houses as they have been a part of great Indian Heritage.

Best known for blurring boundaries and flowing conversation over a cup of Indian Filtered coffee


the beans of joy
the beans of joy

Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee chains in the world. It is not remembered for free coffee sold on the International coffee day, but for every cup of Brewed coffee sold in more than 25,000 locations. They offer some of the world’s finest fresh-roasted coffee beans.

Starbucks’ cup of coffee is best described as the romance of the coffee experience. They celebrate the coffee and the feeling of connection.

Best known for relaxing with a cup of White Chocolate Mocha

CCD- Café Coffee Day (a lot can happen over coffee)

the beans of joy
the beans of joy

Café Coffee Day is youngsters’ favourite hangout for coffee and conversations.

It is a coffee shop where young hearts unwind their thoughts, writings and what not a cup of top coffee. CCD is a perfect place for your first dates, your first fights, your first assignments, your first book and even to celebrate your first salary! The staff makes sure that you are at your home. They are happy with you and for you! Every time you enter an outlet, you will always see their smiling bright faces welcoming you!

Best known for your first fights; your first dates over a cup of king size cappuccino.