Punjab govt to provide 50,000 free COVID care kits to active patients in hospitals and homes

By Rajan Nath - September 08, 2020 8:09 am

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that his government will provide 50,000 free of cost COVID Care kits to active patients in hospitals and home isolation to ensure better care for them.

The kits, costing Rs 1700 each, include an Oximeter, Digital Thermometer, Face Masks, and necessary medication. The move is part of the wider state government endeavour to ensure that all patients get complete medical care at their doorstep, thus facilitating their early and complete recovery from the disease.

A spokesperson said that the specially designed kit would also include a Steamer, one Hand Sanitizer, besides 60 Giloy tablets, thirty Vitamin C Tablets and four Vitamin D3.

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The Pulse Oximeter will help the patients keep track of their Oxygen levels, while Digital Thermometer will be used to check Body Temperature from the mouth, for constant monitoring by the doctor. The use of steamer has been prescribed twice daily for 5-10 Minutes, the spokesperson added.

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Vitamin Zinc Zinconia 50 MG (30 tablets), Topcid 40 MG (14 tablets), Amunity Plus Liquid 200 ML (Kahra), 15 tablets of Dolo 650 MG, Multi-Vitamin Supradyn Tablet (30 tablets) besides a Cough Syrup 100 ML, Betadyne Gargles or Salt Gargles, ten Cetirizine Tab Okacet and Balloon Big Size (3) would also be provided as part of the Covid Care Kit. The patients would be advised to add fresh 8 Tulsi leaves every morning to their diet.

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Patients would be advised to take 2 Giloy tablets daily in the morning for 30 days to boost immunity. Likewise, Vitamin C tablets have been prescribed 2 each morning and evening for 15 days. Vitamin D3 is to be consumed one per week for 4 weeks at night, the spokesperson further said.

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Cough syrup has been added for SOS measure, only to be taken in case of cough. Similarly, Dolo medicine is to be taken in case fever is more than 100 degrees Celsius. 50 masks have been provided, of which one should be used for a maximum of 8 hours and the used mask should be discarded.

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