Sukhbir Badal back from South Korea business trip, appeals Punjabis to help each other and progress

Back from Korea and tomorrow off to Mumbai. It was a great learning experience in South Korea – a country ravaged by the war till the early 60s. But between the 60s and mid 90s, the Korean economy grew at 10% annually and today they are World’s 5th largest exporter and 7th largest importer. Like Punjab, their people are passionate and extremely committed towards progress. If all of Punjab decides to not to pull each other down, not to criticise each other, we too can be like Koreans. Single-minded pursuit of excellence and progress. When progress happens, the benefits come to everyone…. each one. Met several Punjabis in the city and was glad to see that on our own our brothers have made a Gurdwara in the city. Very close-knit community who support each other. When Punjabis go abroad, they are so supportive of each other – why not here? Lets all unite and work towards progress of Punjab. Progressive and peaceful Punjab will mean happy and content Punjabis.