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Putin calls Moscow assault as 'barbaric terrorist act'; declares March 24 day of mourning

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 23rd 2024 07:07 PM
Putin calls Moscow assault as 'barbaric terrorist act'; declares March 24 day of mourning

Putin calls Moscow assault as 'barbaric terrorist act'; declares March 24 day of mourning

PTC News Desk: Russian President Vladimir Putin unequivocally denounced the devastating attack on a Moscow concert hall that claimed the lives of 143 individuals, labeling it a "barbaric terrorist act." He further declared a day of national mourning to honour the victims, set to take place on March 24.

Addressing the nation via a televised broadcast, Putin expressed his profound sorrow over the tragic incident, emphasising the brutality inflicted upon innocent civilians. "I am speaking to you today in connection with the bloody, barbaric terrorist act, the victims of which were dozens of innocent, peaceful people... I declare 24 March a day of national mourning," stated the Russian President.

The assault unfolded as armed assailants stormed into the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow, unleashing gunfire and triggering explosions. Disturbing footage circulated on social media platforms captured the chaos and devastation within the premises. The Kremlin reported that Russian authorities swiftly apprehended 11 individuals, including four suspected gunmen, in connection with the heinous attack.

In response to the perpetrators of this atrocity, Putin vowed to exact severe punishment, asserting that all those involved in orchestrating the assault would face the full force of justice. "All four perpetrators of the terrorist act who shot and killed people have been detained. They were traveling towards Ukraine... We will identify and punish everybody who stood behind the terrorists, who prepared the attack," declared Putin with determination.

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Amid speculations linking the attack to Ukraine, a spokesperson for Kyiv's military intelligence vehemently refuted any involvement from their country. Denouncing the claims propagated by Russia's FSB security service, the spokesperson emphasised that such allegations had no basis in reality. Andriy Yusov of the Defence Ministry's Main Directorate of Intelligence dismissed the accusations as fabrications from Russian special services, unsubstantiated and unworthy of credibility.

As investigations into the Moscow attack continue, the Russian government remains resolute in its commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

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