Live bullying, assaulting of Beant Singh Brar by Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter gangster group!

Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter

Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter has bullied, beaten and hit a young man. He showed the live video to his followers. He did so because he wanted to teach his “enemies” a lesson.Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter

Then, Beant Singh Brar of Moga in the live video is being badly assaulted.Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter
Apart from this, Beant Brar is said to be a close friend of Vicky Gounder. It is said the unarmed Brar spoke wrongly about Sukha Kahlwan and his gang on Facebook. This is the main reason due to which he was being punished.Sukha Kahlon Sharpshooter
Additionally, in this video Sukha Kahlon Group has been warned to take revenge while giving warnings to Gounder.

—PTC News