Women dominate Canadian sports: 93% gold medals for Canada won by women athletes

Canadian sports: 93% gold medals for Canada won by women athletes
Canadian sports: 93% gold medals for Canada won by women athletes

Believe it or not. Ninety-three per cent of gold medals won by Canada in just concluded XXI Commonwealth Games went to its women athletes. Dominance was not only in gold medals. It was also there in Silver and Bronze medals.

Statistically speaking, there were almost equal number of gold, silver and bronze medal at stakes both in men and women categories.

Interestingly, of 16 nations that  won three or more gold medals in Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, there were six nations that saw their women athletes winning more gold medals than their male athletes.Besides Canada other nations that have women dominance in Commonwealth Games were Nigeria, Cyprus, Jamaica, Malaysia, and Singapore.
Canada was outstanding. Of 15 gold medals it won in the Gold Coast Games, 14 went to women athletes. Just unprecedented in world of sports.
Wales was one nation where men and women athletes shared equal honours. Wales won 10 gold of which five went to male athletes and the rest to female athletes.
India won 26 gold medals. Scales  tilted slightly towards men as they won 13 and 12 went to women with the 26th going to mixed category(mixed team title in Badminton).
Australia that topped medals tally also had slight male dominance. Of 80 gold medals it won, 39 went to men athletes, 37 to women athletes while four were shared by mixed teams. Second placed England had male dominance more pronounced as it won 45 gold medals of which 24 went to men and 18 to women while three were in the mixed category.
New Zealand was one nation that won all its seven gold medals in men. Other men dominated teams included South Africa (nine out of 13),  Scotland (seven out of nine) and Kenya (three out of four).
Among women dominated nations after Canada was Nigeria (six out of nine) Cyrus (five out of eight), Jamaica (five out of seven), Jamaica (four out of seven) and Singapore (three out of four).
Interestingly, when you look at Silver medals, eight of these 16 teams had more women winners. Australia also joined this category besides India, Canada, New Zealand, and Jamaica.
Australian women won 34 silver against 24 won by their ale counterparts and in case of India, the difference was little 10 to nine while in case of Canada it was 22 to 18. For New Zealand there were nine women silver medalists against six men. For Jamaica, seven women got silver medals against two men athletes.
And another interesting aspect was witnessed in bronze medals category. Only five of these 16 nations witnessed women dominance.
Australia had 34 women bronze medal winners against 25 men and Canada had 15 against 12 men. Wales had 10 women  against three men. Malaysia had seven .
 seven women bronze medal winners against four men.
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