Punjab CM approves guidelines for shooting of films, music and videos during Unlock 2

By Rajan Nath -- July 23, 2020 5:07 pm -- Updated:Feb 15, 2021

Coronavirus Punjab: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday approved detailed guidelines for shooting of films/music videos during the Unlock 2 period in the state, with restriction of 50 persons at the shooting venue, along with strict adherence to other COVID safety protocols.

The Chief Minister had on Wednesday asked Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan to formulate clear guidelines in response to the request from a delegation of the film/music industry, which approached the state government to seek permission for shooting of films/music videos, with necessary clarifications and directions to be issued in this regard to the district authorities.

Post-approval by the Chief Minister, Special Chief Secretary (Home) Satish Chandra issued comprehensive guidelines granting permission to shoot films/music videos in the State, subject to certain conditions. The applications for grant of permission for the shooting of films/music videos etc. would need to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner giving full details of the location, a number of days, and timings for which such permission, as per the conditions. The Deputy Commissioner would, after consulting the police authorities, grant the permission and a copy of the permit shall be endorsed to the Commissioner of Police/SSP for information and necessary action.

The guidelines further stipulate that the duration of shooting should be restricted to the minimum possible time and not more than 50 persons should be present. Shooting would commence only after all the persons involved are thermally scanned and found asymptomatic.

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The shooting venue should have sanitizers or soap and water and the members present should frequently wash their hands. Wearing of masks for all would be essential except for the ones who are in front of the camera. Social distance will have to be maintained except for the ones who being filmed.

In order to avoid crowding, an adequate number of view-cutters (kanats), etc. and enforcement of crowd control by private security personnel would be ensured.

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