Punjab health department issues advisory for barber shops

Coronavirus Punjab Health Department | Advisory For Barber Shops and Hair Saloons

Punjab Health Department on Sunday issued an advisory for maintaining hygiene and sanitization of Barber shops and hair-cut saloons during the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson of the department stated that the owner of the Barber shop and Hair-cut saloon would have to ensure that any staff member who has symptoms of coronavirus (Fever, Dry Cough, breathing difficulty, etc) is not engaged at work and stays at home on sick medical advice. Similarly, no client having such symptoms should be attended.

All the clients should be asked to avail of the services unaccompanied unless necessary (such as parent and guardian). It should be ensured by the owners that there is no unnecessary crowding in Barber shops or Hair cut saloons, the spokesperson added.

Further, the clients must use the mask to the extent possible while availing services. Likewise, the owners and staff working in such shops will mandatorily use the mask.

All the guidelines related to prevention of coronavirus like frequent hand washing (with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer), maintaining a physical distance of one meter, following respiratory hygiene, keeping a watch over disease symptoms, no spitting in public, etc must be complied with during the interpersonal dealing of clients and staff, the advisory stipulates.

The shop owners should encourage the customers to use the digital payment mode as much as possible. In the case of cash transactions, the shopkeeper, staff, and clients shall sanitize their hands immediately before and after cash transactions.

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Floors should be cleaned with 1 percent Sodium Hypochlorite or equivalent commercial disinfectant. Furniture and frequently touched surfaces and articles should be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Tools (Scissors, razors, combs, styling tools) should be wiped with 1 percent of Sodium Hypochlorite after every use. Robes, towels and related items should be clean and regularly washed.

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