Good News! Air India resumes direct Flight services from Delhi to Toronto

Air India Direct Flight from Delhi to Toronto resumes

In another feather in the cap for Air India, the flight from Delhi to Toronto has been resumed. The flight will reduce the fair and will connect the people directly from Delhi to Toronto in an order to reduce the price and time simultaneously. The new flight will be run by the Boeing 777-300 ER. the flight is scheduled to fly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is pertinent to mention that AI 187 flight will depart from Delhi at 3:00 AM and will arrive in Toronto at 08:45 PM. Likewise, AI 188 flight will depart at 11:45 AM and arrive in Delhi at 12:45 (+1 days).

Air India Boeing 777-300 ER will be having 342 seats including four first class seats, 35 business class seats, and 303 economy seats have been installed. The price is under the budget as it goes on a minimum cost of one way and returns tickets. As per economy seats, the one-way ticket will cost Rs 50889 while the return ticket will cost Rs 92734. Likewise, for the business class, a one-way ticket will charge Rs 161673 while the return ticket will cost Rs 226949.

Earlier, Air India flights for Delhi to Toronto used to fly, a few years ago but was closed. Now, after years, Air India has resumed its services from Delhi to Toronto directly. The total time will be taken 14-15 hours to reach Canada. Hence, pack your bags and start planning to fly all the way to Canada.

-PTC News